Training for Home Defense: During Pandemic

Like many people in and near big cities I ordered a new gun, after all this craziness in the world, specifically for home defense. It’s a Kriss Vector 9mm SDP enhanced. I haven’t had any formal training with firearms outside of family and would be very interested in learning how NOT to shoot the wrong people accidentally (in a stressful home defense situation). I was wondering if there was any suggestions on where I could take a course or how to train best for home defense and gain hands on experience with my own firearm. In my head I am picturing a course set up where you shoot at targets that have guns and don’t shoot at ones that don’t. I am in the west suburbs of Chicago and don’t mind driving but not too far. Any thoughts?


The ISRA offers classes at their Bonfield range. They are starting to lift some of the COVID-19 related restrictions take a look at their calendar and you can get an idea of what classes they offer.

You should have a plan that you have talked through with your family to prepare everyone on what to do if that stressful situation occurs. It is very important you never ever take a shot that you are not sure about. You need to ID the target and be aware of who or what is the back stop if you miss or the round passes through.

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Have you been able to get ahold of anyone at the ISRA? I have been trying to take courses there but havent heard back from them to schedule me. Also do you know if the classes are just walk-in or appointment based? Thanks for the help in advance.

Sorry to hear you have trouble getting a response. How are you trying to register for the class your interested in? I have always had good luck with e-mailing the contact listed on the ISRA calendar with the class. I would encourage you to register for the classes ahead of time. Many of the classes I have taken were sold out, and by registering you get helpful e-mails with what to bring to class and any changes. I know they repoened the Range to the public on June 1st, however last week Zone 7 (where the range is located) had a COVID testing rate above 8%, so I am not sure if they had to close up again?

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