Top 5 Worst Self-Defense Guns


I like my pocket revolver, great where ultra concealed is needed, .22wmr though. Only a primary in specific gun free zones where pocket carry needed.


First, I like my essential oils. :stuck_out_tongue: And I won’t buy the cheap ones.

Second, with that grip how are you going to manage recoil? I mean, you will obviously have to manage the recoil, but dang with that short muzzle and tiny grip, it’s going to be difficult:


Reminds me of a low rider with that lil chain steering wheel I used to think even with power steering that thing must be a nightmare to wrangle in a panic.


The Beretta TomCat .32 ACP, from experience is the worst. The sights are hard to see, the firearm is way too small to use accurately, I don’t know why I bought it? Maybe it was because at the time I thought it was cool that the barrel actually popped open. .32 ACP ammo is hard to find.

The worst thing about it, with the safety ON, if you put a little extra pressure on the trigger it will discharge!!!



Really! Really! I’m trying to imagine.

It’s not really that bad for home defense and they don’t produce them anymore but I have the Winchester SXP tactical 12 gauge and i would’ve definitely rather went with a Remington 870. The ghost ring sight blew out within the first 5 rounds of shooting it and it loves to jam up. For the same price, I would’ve gotten the Remington 870 if I had the chance.

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Any 22 pistol or a J-frame unless you really know how to shoot it