Best 22 Magnum for Self Defense....Introducing the Switch-Gun™


Do you have to remove the cylinder to load and unload it like the NAA version?


Yes, however they do have a .22 LR with a swing out cylinder.


Thank you!


My NAA had a longer barrel at 1⅝" with .22 magnum, thats the shortest barrel I would ever have on such a low powered round…

Going to take 2 kinds of self defense ammo for short barrels to the range tomorrow for the ballistics gel testing they are setting up.

Also grabbed some special 9mm to test, 115gr 9mm +P+ and 115gr TUI and my prefered carry ammo. I’m curious how the .22wmr works compared to them…


I own a NAA .22mag, but would not consider it a defense gun, maybe a backup gun.

AND… The safety on this gun is a half-stop between cylinders. With my NAA I found the hammer on a live round several times and one time too many. Now it is a range gun only.


Its a backup gun for sure, I tell people its my last chance defence if im cornered by a rabid squirrel…

Not sure how you found the hammer on a live round, I virtually carry mine 24/7 and have never had that happen…


Mine was watch pocket carry. I think it would work its way off during up and down or sitting. I can see if it were in the front pocket or holster this not being an issue.

I do love shooting the gun. Fun gun at the range. Always gets attention and everyone wants to shoot it…

I do like .22 magnum, but not sure about its efficacy as a self defense round, especially in a pistol with a very short barrel. I have thought about the NAA revolvers and nearly bought one as an impulse purchase. There are many small 9 mm and .380 acp pistols marginally larger which i prefer to carry.