Poll: Favorite Self-Defense Ammo


You asked for it! Here’s a quick poll on about your favorite self-defense ammo from the other thread: What's your favorite self-defense ammunition?

If you’d like me to add an additional ammo, please leave it in the comments below.

  • Federal HST
  • Federal Hydra-Shok
  • Hornady Critical Defense
  • Hornady Critical Duty
  • Remington Golden Saber
  • SIG
  • Sinter Fire Duty
  • Speer Gold Dot
  • Speer JHP
  • SureFire duty hollow points
  • Winchester JHP

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Gold Dots, loaded by Underwood.

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First time I have ever heard of Underwood.

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I guess I will have to wait for a few more votes as the top five all have 20%. :frowning_face:


I would have to say my favorite would be my reloads


I tried Underwood ammo. Very expensive. However, it kept jamming in my S&W 915. No other ammo does this. Not sure why.


For the range, that’s a great option, @DBrogue! However, for your carry gun I would recommend a manufactured ammo. Why? If you ever have to defend yourself physically, every detail of your defense may be called into question.

Reloads? Did you may them “extra deadly”? Did they malfunction and fire themselves? I know it sounds bizarre, but stranger things have happened. Using a well-known manufactured ammo can save you a lot of time, stress, and legal fees if you have to legally defend yourself.

One school of thought it to find out what ammo your local law enforcement uses and use that kind. If the question about your ammo comes up in court it’s very easy to explain that if it’s a good option for the local law enforcement to use for their self-defense, it’s a good option for me.


I have read in certain articles that the Winchester 9mm NATO is a good carry ammo. Some say to mix it with the regular defense ammo. It is a +p 124grain ammo. What do you think?

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I just received my ARX Inceptor Frangibles for my 9mm, .40 and my AR (.223).

Praying that no one ever makes me have to use it. :pray: :prayer_beads: :pray:


I like Black Talon 180 GR. SXT Deep Penetrator for my S &W SD40 VE. It’s the best.


Black Talon 180 GR. SXT Deep Penetrator our Winchester T Series Ranger 180gr. 40cal. are both good. The Ranger replace the Black Talon.


For the 9 and 40mm, if the person is wearing have clothing, the bullet will fragment before getting throw the clothing. And their is no penetrator.

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I’ve done quite a bit of experimenting with nearly all of the listed rounds on wild hogs with .40, .45acp, and where available 10mm. When it comes to “stopping power” which despite what many claim is a real thing, and penetration characteristics the Federal HST has been the most impressive. For the semi autos the Federal Hydroshock did very well but like some of the other cheaper JHP’s had problems with over penetration.

Fortunately in my part of Texas we are overrun with Feral Hogs and I’m able to kill on average a couple of hundred per year.

For cheap multip purpose ammo I bought several cases of the Federal White Box jhp’s when they first became available and they performed very well although did have more a a problem with over penetration.

Winchester Dual Bond ammunition is the best I’ve ever laid my hands on but it was only available in a handful of calibers and unfortunately for a very limited amount of time and is now almost entirely off the market.

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It’s a really bad idea to use any sort of non expanding bullet for self defense due to minimal damage being done to the intended target and far too great a danger of unintended casualties due to over penetration.

I would never carry anything but a round that is guaranteed to expand well and hold together for self defense.

One of the reasons we in the military rejected the 9mm for decades was the fact it did minimal damage to the intended target and almost always guranteed to pass cleanly through the target with the potential to frequently do harm to anyeone else downrange in the line of fire.

It was only after advancements in JHP technology that the 9mm began to be able to compete with the .45acp in terms of stopping the threat with the fewest number of well placed center mass hits possible.

Honestly I think FMJ’s should be outlawed for self defense carry and should never be recommended.

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“Outlawing” term is a little harsh dont you think?

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Very good advice. The type of ammo you use can become a factor both in deciding if someone is going to be charged and convicted as well as what level of liability the shooter may have in a civil case even if no charges were ever filed.

In many cases prosecutors and plaintiff’s lawyers have been able to successfully argue that your intent was to kill rather than to merely be able to stop the threat should the need ever arise due to the US of custom or handloads.

You also need to be very cautions of carrying a modified handgun that has had a lightened trigger or otherwise specially modified trigger for the same reasons. If your trigger is not within factory spec’s in every respect it can and likely will be used against you should you ever use it in a defensive encounter.

If you have any modifications at all on your carry weapon you had better be able to clearly and convincingly articulate that those modifications were made to make it safer and or more accurate to reduce the possibility of an AD/UD or otherwise errant or deflected shot that could harm an innocent.

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No I do not as they present an extreme danger to any innocent down range if you get into a defensive shooting and there are endless better, safer, readily available and more effective bullets on the market.

They pose at least as much of a danger as a hair trigger if not more since you cannot always see what is beyond your intended target in a defensive shooting.

It’s jut an unnecessary and unacceptable risk to the public at large.

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Totally outlaw fmj?

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Remington jhp

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I’m with @Winsam on this one. If we make the FMJ illegal because it presents an unacceptable risk, that opens the door for making self-defense illegal because it is an unacceptable risk to other innocents nearby as a stray round could kill an innocent.

I would not carry nor recommend carrying FMJ’s for you self-defense.

I do agree that FMJ’s are not the best option for a self-defense round, but if it is your only option, it is better than nothing.