Today Is Just Another Day

Hello, good people of the earth!

Today is December 11, 2023 and if you’re like me, today is another day that you did not need to utilize your every day carry firearm, but it’s still good that you had it with you. Hell, you probably forgot you had it a few times today too!
God bless you for being a red blooded, gun toting American!
Happy Monday!


Funny, yes, at one point today I did think,“Oh, I forgot my pistol…”, only to discover it was right there on my belt. :grin:


I knew I had mine today. After I got home, I changed the oil on both of our vehicles (without any jacks or ramps, so it’s tight on the one). I was lying down on my side right on the full size thing, on concrete, in the garage and then in the driveway. Couldn’t miss it lol


As my friendly LEO said to me, “Thank you for supporting the 2nd Amendment!” It is times like that that make a person feel really good about Conceal carrying.


And why exactly did he say this to you? :thinking:


I answered my door when said Officer came by asking questions about having video of a guy who came into the yard and stole stuff from my downstairs neighbors’ truck. I had been practicing dry firing in the house and had my gun on my hip. We talked about training and even gave me some drills that they do for training. I should do a video of them and share them!


Please do @Todd30 !

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