To whom it may concern - Brookfield Zoo Illinois

Just wanted to through this out there. So recently I went to the Brookfield Zoo with my family and I was curious about concealed carry at the zoo. A few things to note, it’s posted in the parking lot as no carry and from what I understand since it’s a state wildlife / park property it would again be prohibited.

After our trip, I can at least tell you that there are no metal detectors, searches, or checks that you’d have to worry about should you decide to bring perhaps some other less-lethal or medical supplies. There’s a lot of debate online, but no one really specifies what entrance is like. Do what you think is right, but if you’re taking your family over there - I’d say be prepared with a med kit at the least.




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In most states where there’s concealed carry it also states carry not allowed where posted in public places. In most cases if you’re discovered carrying the staff of the establishment (not some random jack-off) can warn you of the posting and ask you to leave. This is something the department issuing the CHL should be able to provide guidance on.
Depending on the venue (no metal detectors or other screening), I pretend I don’t see the signage, and haven’t had an issue in 30-odd years, others may have varying degrees of success.


Yep. This is kinda why I was making this post. I looked around for information on what it was like to get in and couldn’t find anything online apart from guys arguing about who know the laws better. I pretty much carry everywhere I can, even at the beach via fanny pack :grinning:


Brookfield Zoo is private property and can prohibit concealed carry by exhibiting the mandated sign. This sign has the force of law in Illinois!

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Yes we know it’s prohibited. Nearly the entire state is prohibited. Not trying to be too facetious here, but the point of this post is that if one were to decide to willingly choose to ignore that sign, I’m simply pointing out the conditions of entry.


CalGuns has a thread listing popular places where one can or can’t conceal carry.
It’s overwhelming and tiring to peruse.

Do Illinois gun owners have one?

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Hear you. You are hilarious. Ya, sometimes I look at it as — we are talking to “the group”, not replying to just one person, but to tons of people, and many newbies, who I ought not to deter but “invite”. I saw USCCA posts 65,000 users on this forum, nationwide, 635,000 members.

Once I thought I was trying to help someone, when I learned I best cut back on my arguing. I prefer friends, Lord knows we need em, especially nowadays.

Saw vid post the other day, this lady swims with hers. In a water proof fanny pack. She made her own internal velcro secure rig, then attached a holster to it, for a strong retention/leverage, all inside her pack. Cool.

The state law actually lists each place prohibited, as you pointed out, too many.

Then again, lots places don’t get my business. One can argue, that’s were one’s vulnerable and where the massacres occur. No thank you. So I spend elsewhere.

Once I attended a conference at a major/MLB stadium. At the entrance, guards used metal detectors, and I had accidentally forgotten I had a 1" blade in my wallet. They held it for me in order for me to be allowed inside. When I left, it took them an hour to get their supervisor to return it to me.

I admit, the laws around state parks confuse me. Heard and read contradictory versions. I’m looking for clarity on that one. As I enjoy state parks.

I’m jaded, “One less firearm left inside the car, one less gun on the streets in the hands of criminals - used against us”. Be aware of Fed and government buildings with metal detectors and guards, those unfair laws scare me.


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I haven’t been there in 30 years and don’t know what type of signage is present.

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:roll_eyes: no comment :wink:

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