To Catch Fish, or Catch FisherMEN?

With so much choice offered to us in our material world, you might want to divide it into three categories: NEED - WANT - NICE TO HAVE. Here’s an example when shopping for a car. NEED - Honda Civic WANT - Honda Accord NICE TO HAVE - Honda Acura. I became a practical minimalist years ago, after seeing telescopic sights on a compound bow, of all things, and almost rejoiced in my pursuits in traditional archery. No gadgets - no gimmicks. FYI

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these are mine:
NEED - 9mm handgun
WANT - Wilson Combat EDCx9
NICE TO HAVE - M134 Minigun


I also became practical minimalist here…

It doesn’t apply to cars in my case :stuck_out_tongue:

At this stage of my life …

Need’s: Are met.
Want’s: I have most of them.
Nice to Have’s: Yeah got a few of them too.

The list of “Get around to it’s” is still pretty long but my Hot Rod is sucking all the oxygen out of that room. I’m not doing bad for a 17 year old kid from NJ that started his adult life with the clothes on his back and a roll of quarters in his pocket.




Thats the American Dream. May everyone be as lucky as you! Congratulations.

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Needed a vehicle
wanted a Jeep Gladiator
bought a Jeep grand Cherokee

Want-F150 Supercrew (bought this)
Nice to have-F250 Supercrew Tremor Powerstroke

Need-Bolt action .22 Savage for 4H(bought this)
Nice to have-Anschutz

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Need a new President FOR THE PEOPLE
Want a cognitively stable President OF THE UNITED STATES
Nice to have Trump back and a secure border


Need a vacation
Want a vacation
would be nice to a week off!


Need more powder
Want never to wear a mask ever again
Would be nice to have a 1 mile range in my backyard with steel targets every 100 yards.

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