TN Capital Riot

One day after violent pro-transgender demonstrations rocked the Kentucky State Capitol, rioters overwhelmed the Tennessee Capitol in Nashville on Thursday.

According to Reuters, more than 1,000 people jammed into the statehouse in a raucous demonstration to demand gun control.

The action came three days after Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old woman who identified as a man, shot and killed three children and three adults at a Christian school in Nashville.
Members of the Tennesee Highway Patrol were enlisted to clear space for lawmakers to walk, and angry demonstrators pushed and shoved the troopers.

Some on social media compared the scene to the U.S. Capitol incursion on Jan. 6, 2021.

According to The Tennessean, debate in the legislative chambers reached a standstill.

“I’m asking you to do your job,” one woman shouted. “There is blood on your hands. Do your job.”

Democratic state Rep. Bob Freeman of Nashville said gun control legislationshould be passed immediately.


Nashville School Shooter Had Connection to One of the Victims, Appeared to Be Searching for Pastor: Report

“Our children, our teachers and our neighbors were killed by a weapon of war obtained legally by someone that should never have had the ability to carry out this type of violence against our community,” Freeman said, according to The Tennessean.

He said members of the community are “out there right now. They’re begging for us to do something.”

For a while, House leaders tried to keep the session going, but in the end, chaos reigned as Democrats took control and whipped the crowd to a frenzy.

Democratic state Rep. Justin Pearson brought a megaphone to the House floor to lead a chant with the demonstrators, according to WPLN-FM in Nashville.

On Wednesday, 19 people were arrested after pro-transgender demonstrations at the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort, according to Fox News.
The activists were objecting to the state House’s override of a bill vetoed by Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear that would ban transgender health procedures for minors.

Nearly two dozen people were arrested and cited for criminal trespassing at the Kentucky Capitol on Wednesday after protesting a bill in the Bluegrass State pushed by Republicans to ban transgender procedures for minors.

The protest — which came as the state House voted to override Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear’s veto of Senate Bill 150 — resulted in the arrests of 19 people, according to a statement shared with Fox News Digital from Captain Paul Blanton, a spokesperson for Kentucky State Police (KSP).

“The Sergeant of Arms requested that KSP assist in restoring order today in the House gallery chambers. KSP gave each individual the option to leave without any enforcement action or be placed under arrest,” Blanton said. “KSP arrested 19 individuals. They have been cited for criminal trespassing 3rd degree. The Franklin County District Court authorized that the individuals could be released on their own recognizance.”
Last week, Beshear vetoed the legislationthat prohibits transgender procedures for minors, as well as restricts bathrooms based on biological sex. Additionally, the bill also bans instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity in schools and empowers teachers to decline using a student’s preferred pronoun.

The GOP-led Kentucky Legislature, which passed the bill with sufficient votes, overrode Beshear’s veto when they reconvened Wednesday for the last two days of their legislative session.
Photos and videos shared to social media by local reporters showed the pro-LGBTQ protesters acting chaotically as the House voted to override Beshear’s veto of the measure.

One video shared by Lexington Herald-Leader reporter Austin Horn showed a shouting protester having their hands placed in zip ties amid the House vote.
Hundreds of Kentucky students, according to Horn, gathered on the steps of the state Capitol Annex to protest the override and many “protesters moved inside once the legislature gaveled in, chanting and jeering loudly from the Capitol’s halls.”
“At first, Capitol security and Kentucky State Police struggled to remove the protesters from the gallery,” Horn reported. “After about half an hour, they resorted to using zip ties to apprehend the protesters and lead them out of the Capitol.”

While protests are welcomed at the Capitol, House Speaker David Osborne, a Republican, said the behavior from those protesting Senate Bill 150 did not meet expected “levels of decorum.”
“We welcome everybody to be here, to participate in their government, and want everybody to be here to participate in their government. (But) we do expect that proper levels of decorum will be maintained to allow us to conduct our business. We felt it was important to proceed on with the business thing that we did,” Osborne said, according to one report.

Beshear said in a written veto message that Senate Bill 150 allows “too much government interference in personal healthcare issues and rips away the freedom of parents to make medical decisions for their children.”
In his message, Beshear warned that the bill’s repercussions would include an increase in youth suicides. The governor said: “My faith teaches me that all children are children of God and Senate Bill 150 will endanger the children of Kentucky.”

Beshear’s veto comes as he seeks re-election to a second term this year in Republican-trending Kentucky, and his veto could reverberate through the November election.


I read 3or4 articles and watched several vids of the chaos, there using the “if we can save one child” argument. They were trying to intimidate and brow beat them into passing legislation
most do not want. Beshear has got to go. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


So now a kel-tec sub 2k is a weapon of war :smirk:
I watched Ted Cruz rip Chris Murphy once again, today, the Forbes feed on YouTube.
Dems like school shootings. They wouldn’t have their agenda without it. Pretty uncanny eh, having a tranny shoot up a school 2 days after the LGBTQ and leftist communities misunderstood Tucker Carlson. JUST IN: Ted Cruz Battles With Chris Murphy On School Safety Bill After Nashville School Shooting - YouTube
This is dark: Second Amendment advocate - YouTube


The link I’m referring too( edit…nope, need to find Tucker, not the young jerks response to Tucker)… I haven’t watched it, but reading reddit it seems the lefty’s and LGBTQ (spell check is my friend lol) keeps spouting how Tucker doesn’t want them to have guns, which gets responded to by others asking if the poster actually watched or read what Tucker said…oops,10 seconds in, lefty’s lying like Hillary on the stand.Tucker Carlson on Trans People Having Guns - YouTube

Apologies for linking The Young Jurks…Chunk came on,I made it 10 seconds into that asshats diatribe and bailed. Life’s too short to listen to dipsticks.


Watching an orchestrated riot at a protected state capitol building won’t convince many common American citizens that they’re safer without their firearms. When Americans are afraid, they buy guns. Democrats remain some of the best gun salesmen in the nation.


I was going to post up a diatribe about this. But you know what? The left is just proving why the 2nd Amendment is needed.


So let me understand My fellow Tennesseans, you want us to eliminate guns because a crazy Transgender used a gun to murder innocent Christians and Children, then you violently storm the Capital Building and demand we give up our guns?

How does all your leftist craziness and violence cause us to want to give up our guns which could protect us against potential violence and craziness?