Tisas BR9 vs Browning Hi-Power

Another new model to check out!

What did you think of the original Hi-Power?

I thought highly of the original but never liked the magazine disconnect. Seemed like a feature in search of a problem and then there was the whole 9mm thing.



The article stated the Hi Power never failed to feed.
I let my buddy try it. He used his bucket of who knows what…he didn’t know what he had, and I suspect some suspect reloads. He kept getting failures to feed off the suspect ammo. Here’s my thought though; I believe the problem was his interference with the slide. I have never had a failure to digest rounds.
Probably not a problem with the weapon, but I thought I’d throw in my too scents lol.
BTW it is a Belgium made HP.

Okay, update. I ran more rounds through the Hi Power. We ran 4 magazines of Winchester green and white box ammo and did not have one failure. The problem with my friend must have been his hold interfering with slide forward movement.