Tisas BR9 vs Browning Hi-Power


Another new model to check out!

What did you think of the original Hi-Power?

I thought highly of the original but never liked the magazine disconnect. Seemed like a feature in search of a problem and then there was the whole 9mm thing.



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The article stated the Hi Power never failed to feed.
I let my buddy try it. He used his bucket of who knows what…he didn’t know what he had, and I suspect some suspect reloads. He kept getting failures to feed off the suspect ammo. Here’s my thought though; I believe the problem was his interference with the slide. I have never had a failure to digest rounds.
Probably not a problem with the weapon, but I thought I’d throw in my too scents lol.
BTW it is a Belgium made HP.

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Okay, update. I ran more rounds through the Hi Power. We ran 4 magazines of Winchester green and white box ammo and did not have one failure. The problem with my friend must have been his hold interfering with slide forward movement.

The Hi-Power is and was an excellent firearm. Trained on it and qualified back in the 80s, along with the 1911 and a S&W 2 in .38… had to qualify on all.

The Browning is a superb firing and accurate firearm, and I did review the new replacement (replacement … lack of a better word), and it seemed to be a good firearm and worthy of consideration.

I would add, you might want to switch out the hammer for a spur. The pinch is not pleasant, and will eventually get you… just like the M1 thumb when loading an M1.

I have had the Browning fail to feed, and fail to eject, in a timed competition, and all it took as a pull of the slide a quick flip of the wrist, removal of the objectional rd, and let the slide go forward, and back to shooting.

The Browning is an excellent firearm, and am glad there is still a version of it on the market, even if it is not a Browning.

I carry a browning 9mm high-power and it was made back in the 70,s, I would not trade this gun for any thing, it’s like a timex watch takes a lickin and keeps on ticking. As long as I had this gun it still gives me a 2 inch grouping for all shots fired, John Browning design a well made gun. It has never jammed, failed to eject or fire.

Original Hi-power’s are excellent. Had one in the early 70’s, sold it for $50 more than I paid and have regretted it ever since. Saw one at a show yesterday but it was $$$$. If I find one of the copies, I’ll probably own one😊