Thunderstruck? Not me

So, just when I think I’ve seen it all, a couple showed up for the CHL qualifications Saturday with this in tow.
It’s a side by side double barrel .22 mag revolver that shoots 2 for every trigger pull. I guess it’s called the Thunderstruck. It holds 8 .22 mag catridges.
After thinking about it, I can’t see this being anything other than a really bad idea.
It has a 14 pound trigger pull (I don’t know that this is the best thing for accuracy).
Most noticeably, there is NO contiguous trigger guard!
Basically, you’ have 4 shots with this.
The couple bought it for the wife, who is older and a little frail. so she could control the recoil–which would be great if she could easily pull the trigger.
Detractors for me:

  1. No trigger guard
    2 4 shot capacity
  2. two finger trigger pull would take some extra practice to become proficient with
    4.~ $400 average price on gunbroker.
    Thoughts? Anyone think this makes sense?

I have seen this handgun before and always gave it a big 'ol nope. In your situation, the wife would have been a lot better off with something like a Ruger LCR in .22 mag. About the same size and weight but easier to shoot. From what I have seen with this, accuracy is also an issue. Couple that with I dont think the maker makes any attempt to regulate the barrels, so…what is the legal liability if you hit your assailant with one barrel and a bystander with the second barrel?


S333 Thunderstruck…
I’m wondering what convinced them to buy this firearm?
When I looked at this pistol’s reviews I was surprised a little. I thought this firearm was a kind of joke or toy valued by collectors… but not at all. People who shot it were very satisfied.
But most of them said - this is not for everyone. DAO, heavy pull with 2 fingers, super short barrel… what is its accuracy? My guess - 5 feet :thinking:
From newbie perspective it seems to be cool firearm - single trigger pull - two holes. 22+22=44 magnum :wink: with a little of recoil :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
From responsible firearm owner perspective - nice range toy, perhaps home defense firearm (I’m not sure if I’d want it)…but carry firearm? Nope for sure :smirk:

Definitely there are a better choices for $400.
However - every person is different… perhaps that older and a little frail lady performed great with S333? :point_up:

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@Aaron25 , all I can say is wow. I wonder how long this firearm has been in production I have to look it up. But to show up to a training class with it is beyond me. The picture looks like a blown up gun, broken. I never ran across one of these in my time with NYPD. Wow. A 14 pound trigger pull and the wife being frail doesn’t make sense. For 100 dollars more they could’ve purchased a M&P 9mm Shield EZ. :man_facepalming:


The EZ .380 and 9mm are very easy to rack and good for older folks. If they would like to stay with a 22, then the M&P 22C - the 22 compact is a very nice firearm.

I work part time at a gun range and I see people coming in with guns that they do not understand and probably should not have purchased. I suppose they bought them because that was all that was on the shelf at the time. I have had a few older ladies that could not rack the slide of many guns, but the EZ series was better for them.


As far as courses go, I’m not a fan of guns such as these in my classes. I stick to my mentors rule that your trigger finger can’t extend past the barrel while registered.

As for the gun itself, I also feel there are many better options out there for extremely deep concealment.


At the range for a class and up comes a gentleman and the standard question “are you a instructor can you help us?” They had bought one of this pistols took it out of the box and proceeded to shoot away. Well remember cases swell in a revolver and 22 mag are long cases so they had bound up the extractor, cleared it for them and suggested a clean and lube before continuing, dry guns just don’t function that well. Luckily I had seen and handled one before so not totally surprised and in the long run not my cup of tea.


I had a Bond Arms derringer that I thought would be good for home defense. But it turned out to have a very heavy trigger and 2 rounds of .410 didn’t seem like much compared to 16 rounds of 9mm, especially since it was hard to get them on target with that awful trigger. I learned my lesson. It was an awesome looking piece and very easy to sell but I am glad to say it is no longer in my home. I think I’ll pass on the 2shot 22 mag. with a two finger trigger and no trigger guard. Don’t go looking for trouble.


The first time I saw this firearm I thought it was a fancy pop rivet gun.


I thought it was an ugly starter pistol…


The design of a double barrel 22 mag has a major deficiency. The barrels don’t quite fire simultaneously so the later barrel’s round is affected by the first discharge of the adjacent barrel and the bullets flight is erratic. Depending where you are positioned the second bullet could miss the target and end up anywhere. That and an open trigger without a guard, raises major safety issues.

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Any .22 rimfire will have a heavy trigger pull as the cartridge requires so much force to fire it. Two .22 mags can’t be that much less recoil than a .32 short ( in a Ruger LCR .327 mag gun) with 6 shots and easy trigger pull.

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@RocketPak , you know what’s funny, hikok45 won’t just fire any gun, and I’m surprised he fired that one. He puts up some good videos though, he’s the man.

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I really enjoy his channel, it’s pretty much the longest running tv show ever!:grinning:

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Have always wanted to get a dillinger gun… I saw this gunsight in the magazine that I get from United States concealed carry association but the problem is that it’s in Texas n I live in California they say something about proposition 65 can anyone here recommend a good dillinger gun that I can by legal here in California???

So if it fires (2) .22 at the same time, does that make it a .44? :rofl:

Seriously though they had this at my local range and I laughed my ass off when I first saw it. I asked to hold it to see what it felt like and it’s one of the worst feeling, most cumbersome guns I’ve ever held.

At no point would I ever advocate someone buying one.

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