Thieves steal 150 handguns, rifles from New Mexico store

Note: this is not, to my knowledge, a COVID or riot related incident.


One takeaway for me was that the store had just “days earlier had posted on a social media page that it had more than 1,000 guns in stock with more were arriving daily.”

They’re a company advertising products. Got it. I get these in my inbox daily.

But on a personal level, we all need to practice security online. Hopefully no one here posts their vacation schedules or home valuables online. But I think a lot of us regard guns as security and protection tools that would deter would-be-burglars, rather than valuables that could become a target. Some of you might have collections that you need to keep private, even though the whole point of having a nice collection is to share it.

Just a thought.


I have friends in New Mexico I’ll ask them if they know anything. They are a big 2A family.

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How would one accomplish such a thing? Aren’t they stored in a place where they should be safe? Batcave maybe?

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