"Them Is Fightin' Words!" Defenders Of The 2A Annoying? Nah

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I want to ask Diane Feinstein what it is like to be at the end of your life and not to achieve what you fought so hard for all your life. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just ask HRC. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes that…


Brother, Diane Feinstein got caught with her “hand in the cookie jar,” so-to-speak, and is currently too frazzled to give a coherent reply to your excellent question. I’ll spare you the details of her “frazzlement,” but because of her (and four other senators’) dirty deeds, she is currently silent on all matters. :wink:


Only until “they” can come up with a deflection.

Ever talk to a serious golfer? :smiley:


Where do I get my “heat seeking projectiles” that shoot 30, 30 round clips a minute. Maybe we should show them how things really work! Can’t fix stupid nor outright idiots. Time to tape their mouths shut, tie their hands behind their backs and send them down range. Cold range, cold range! :wink::shushing_face:

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Annoying… I don’t think so. I don’t find the anti-gunners to be annoying. They believe, most of them, what they have been told by the anti 2A politicians. If engaged, I will simply point out that many politicians/Hollywood folk practice a “guns for me, not for thee” hypocrisy that is unfathomable to the pro 2A crowd.

The truth :point_right:t5: folk on opposite sides of an issue often call their opponents names to label them. In reality, Pro 2A folks are just as passionate about defending the 2ND AMENDMENT as those opposed are to eliminating it!

:star2:If you’re interested, Warrior Poet Society just posted a video about how the gun control proponents will go about disarming the American citizens. J. Lovell breaks it down! :+1:t5: