The Right and Left issues with 2ND Amendment

I’m creating this post because I’m tired of seeing the same comments and knee jerk reactions from the left and right. I’m baffled on why we can point out the flaws of other countries and their leaders but we can not seem to see that gun control is just one element of these heinous crimes against innocent people. We can provide security for judges and prisons but we can’t do that for schools and other places. Why do we constantly prefer to send billions to foreign entities, spend billions in military, and government operations? Our the lives of the people of our country less then important. Why do we only accept certain amendments but Ignore all the rest.
Yet again another tragic instance of senseless blood shed has occurred. Both the GOP and the Dems are grasping their pearls and pointing fingers.

The good religious folks ( ultra conservative) are grasping to the idea that we need to indoctrinate more into their view of morality. All the while, this same group wants to make laws to force others into their beliefs and create a singular religion for what they believe would be best for our country. They accept the constitution and the bill rights so long as it fits their narrative while ignoring the foundations life liberty and pursuit of happiness.

The far right wants to limit free speech and other rights that don’t fit their narrative. They cry wolf at the very moment any one attempts to limit hateful speech. They proclaim red herring when common sense firearm legislation is brought to the floor. They proclaim Biden and his administration is the worst and announce how glorious their extreme views and presidential candidate/ elected officials are. They do not acknowledge that the very same rants about their views are the very same the far left rants about but from the opposite side of the argument.

The far left wants a fictional utopia where firearms are restricted. Every body gets to live their life as they see fit. Everyone gets acknowledged for their contributions and no one dies. No one gets hurt feelings and everyone gets to practice their religion or lack their of free from bias and authoritarian rule put in place by the far right since the 1950’s because communism is bad.

Here is the real problem. While the left and right want to argue and stonewall the country is on the verge of another civil war. While we want to proclaim 2nd amendment we ignore the inherent flip side which is greater access by criminal elements. No one wants to view the real problems, most of the country lives below poverty all the while people in our country are so willing to donate to charities for countries other then our own. We are so willing to put our blinders on focus on global terrorism while ignoring threats in our country. We as a country in whole are so enthralled in celebrity and political soap box’s that we are not willing to provide security for our most vulnerable and precious resource when they are not in our line of sight. The right and left in government neither care or are willing to protect any part of the constitution, rather they want to institute their extreme versions of utopia. What should be done is people need to vote third party. We need to remove career politicians, we need to scrap our whole government and start from scratch and create a country with limited government, remove laws based on religion, and safeguard our communities, our schools, and our places where work live and play.

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I agree with much but not all of what I think you are getting at. The entrenchment and corruption in both parties makes working together to solve all our problems almost impossible.

I like ideas like instant runoff voting. You may not get your first choice but everyone is more likely to get someone they can tolerate. And it just might break the stranglehold of our broken two party system.


@Shamrock , I think In a nut shell you got the general idea. I fully understand that not everyone is going to agree with me. That’s okay, I don’t want everyone to agree with every thought I have. That would be the same as being in a cave listening to your echo. Sure, it sounds nice, but it is not a productive use of time.

I can see the benefits of run off elections but if our two party system remains then it’s a repeat of what we already have which is a non functional, inoperable, government.

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I’m not a big fan of confirmation bias echo chambers either. You need a wide range of opinions and ideas to have a vibrant and sustainable society.

In instant runoff since most Dems wouldn’t want Reps as their second choice and vice versa that opens the door for potential third party candidates to be the second choice that wins when one or the other major party doesn’t meet the threshold of votes. It’s not going to solve all our problems but might get more voices into the mix.


Deep in the entrenchment, both parties would like to see us “Stoned, Stupid, Starving and Disarmed”, dependent on Guvment handouts. :unamused:


A sad reality I’ve come to recognize is that a lot of Americans care more about their party than they do their country.


Party??? I love a party. I hope I am invited.:tada::partying_face::balloon::confetti_ball::gift::champagne::women_with_bunny_ears::dancing_women:. As far as the Second goes I don’t think it should be a political issue. We have made it a political issue because it is so controversial. I think the anti gun issue is just that an issue. It is a fear or hate for someone with a gun because someone was killed with one. Until they get over that misguided fear or hate they won’t see clearly. It is up to us to show them there misguided way with love for saving lives. That love is my ethics. It helps me see clearly. We first have to metaphorically take our sight off the target and look at our gun to hit what we are aiming at(if that makes sense). But let’s get back to this party.


No such animal.

Not only religious. I also believe in moral and ethical values that are also included in the Bible, and I am a Conservative, but far from religious. We need to have a stable culture in order to have a civil society - that’s why laws are enacted to punish certain behaviors, i.e., theft, murder, etc.

Really? I was unaware that the Leftist rioting, looting and committing arson, the deplatforming of Conservatives were on the far-right.

As long as they do not harm anyone else, why not? The Declaration of Independence does state “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

Totally disagree with your conclusion, as there is no proof of that. We have about half the country with “Constitutional Carry” in some form, and only 8 states with “May Issue” CC laws. One state was always “Constitutional Carry” and has always had the lowest crime rates.

One could agree at least somewhat with that. There are definitely elements in both parties that have shown that to be true. One major thorn as proof is the Patriot Act; renewed and enhanced through the years.

If there were ever a viable third party, that would occur. Occasionally a third-party candidate does get elected. Even many of those candidates suffer from the same issues the main parties have with their candidates.

100% disagree there.

Such as thou shall not kill? Many laws are based on our perception of morality and ethics, many of which are also part of religion.

Agreed. Also “allow” people to defend themselves without fear of an aggressive prosecutor with an agenda.


The Libertarian Party has come closer than anyone else in recent history, but they seem to be afraid of winning. Every time they get a serious candidate who gets support due to their stance on civil liberties, they whip out the cannabis flag to let everyone know they weren’t really serious.

But think of this: a 3rd party would only need a few seats in Congress to have a massive influence. If the Libertarians had 2 Senate seats, right now, they would cast the deciding vote on every single issue.


You may be frustrated because you think politicians care about their people, when they care only for “their” people.

Woke up to this:

Disgusting person. I hope that there’s an avalanche of karma for Bidens/Clintons/Obamas in my lifetime.


Joe, I disagree, It IS in Fact Absolute. The Supreme Court has ruled on many occasions that it IS Absolute.

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I understand the frustration. But I also don’t think the government, right or left, is here to help anymore. They are completely self-serving. They used to be self-serving up to a point, but now I think they don’t care about “the people” at all and only care about the elite.

I am strictly opposed to any new laws until we start enforcing the ones we have and we can determine that they are not sufficient. Many crimes are the result of leftist policies ignoring or refusing to prosecute when sufficient evidence exists. What good is passing another law they’re not going to enforce? Until this is fixed, criminality will continue to grow and I don’t want to here how “I’m” the problem by wearing my 2A beliefs on my sleeve.


That’s just it! The 2a debate is only a small fraction of the issue at hand. Even on this thread and in this community we are viewing 2A rights through the view of law abiding citizens. 2A is not an absolute right as seen by Supreme Court opinion over and over. It’s why gun control is even a topic of discussion. As seen in laws such as the Brady Act and many others. The US Government does have the ability to regulate firearms and remove firearms. See the case law below; this does not include state laws or city municipalities that can also regulate firearms. Owning a firearm is not an absolute right and neither is the 2 amendment. The same is true for all US rights they are not absolute.

Barrett v. United States, 423 U.S. 212 (1976)
District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008)

In the terms of new laws I really do believe that enacting new laws, as some of you have stated here and in other forums, will have no legitimate effect, and I agree with that.

In the terms of many other parts of my original post, I whole heartedly expect that there would/will be someone to reply in retorted views. Im very aware of the community pages in this forum and where ideological views generally exist amongst the majority of its members. Just like so many on here disagree with left so vehemently I disagree with both parties vehemently for a wide array of issues. 2A is one of them and the others are a different topic for another time.