The Proving Ground: Surviving a Workplace Shooting, Part 1

Watch these co-workers come under attack by an enraged employee during what started as an ordinary day at the office.

Learn how to identify warning signs, what survival tactics to use and why gun-free zones don’t save lives in this three-part series.

What are your office firearm rules?


No firearms on the property as I work in the energy business. Its posted at every gate on the campus.

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Great training series for anyone who works in an office environment or close with other employees. I enjoyed this training.

I know I am in the minority, but I am thankful to be able to carry at work. I work out scenarios in my mind of disgruntled employees and the possibility of irate customers. One silver lining of this covid stuff is that we have made changes to our office practices, ones that should have been implemented years ago.

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The company I work for is headquartered in California so the rule from the top is no firearms on the premises, in the office or in the parking lot. Before COVID, I spent most of my time at client sites. None of them allowed either, but most were in Maryland. Good news is that several require badging in through security manned by armed guards.

That said, I’ve also been locked down at work severall times due to 2 armed robberies in the parking lot, an active shooter at a nearby mall, and a bear running around between buildings. The stupidest thing during those incidents were my coworkers rushing to the windows to see what’s going on.


No guns allowed where I work, unless you’re with homeland security. They don’t really play though.

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I was usually able to stay armed because 70 % or more of my time was spent on the road going from place to place.

This was a good proving ground for my uses.

Would watch again.

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