Proving Ground: Surviving a Workplace Shooting part 2

What did you take away from the first “Proving Ground” video about workplace violence?

How will you adjust your training and work life after watching this video?


My workplace won’t benefit much since I’m in a semi truck lol but it’s an excellent video…love the proving ground series

I know at the typical job, they won’t let you carry, but in that situation I believe I would use the time to escape, arm myself from my car and return. I would have a call into 911 describe the shooter, describe myself and ask them not to shoot me, and then I would engage the shooter.

As was noted, he isolates himself as a target perfectly, so I would come from a low angle and engage until the threat is stopped.

If I could not recover a firearm from my car I would wait for a mag change and then go for the gun hand with knives to cut muscles and tendons so he couldn’t use the gun. I would take custody of the gun. Then I would call 911 and describe myself so I didn’t get shot by incoming first responders.