The Legendary Paul Harrell

Paul is a fighter…

Some take away comments.

As terrible as the cancer is, the fact that the entire community is coming together for Paul and we get to see him more is phenomenal

Paul seems to be the only one that didn’t know he was a legend.

Why do I love Paul Harrell? Because he’s so damn genuine. He doesn’t play a character or do bits, he’s just Paul. You can see it at the beginning of the interview. He’s the EXACT same person off camera as he is on camera. That’s rare to come by these days. What a legend.

Brought tears to my eyes to see Paul looking so frail Such a sad sight. Love ya Paul.


What a great representative for the 2A community and legacy he gives us all.


Paul still doing relevant vids with a little help from his friends and family. :slightly_smiling_face:

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4 hours ago

Roy here. Paul misspoke. The video was filmed APRIL 29, 2024. And yes it was snowing and blowing. Paul is still with us. His mind and spjrits are good. His body not so much. You folks, the fans, are keeping him going. THANK YOU. Roy.