The best handgun in the world!

Lately i’ve been searching for “the best handgun” but have come to the rather simple realization that not one handgun can be deemed the perfect one as every person is different and so are their preferences.

So my question is, what qualities in a handgun make it perfect for you? and how do you pick a perfect match?

I start with calibre, then fit, then accuracy, then conceivability, and finally style…in that order


I go with reliability, fit (does it feel good in my hands), caliber, capacity and parts availability. I dont know that I have an order to it as much as it needs to meet all of those needs.


This is what does it for me. Add in purpose as a sidebar(carry gun, home protection gun, hunting/woods walking gun)


Glock has no problem claiming perfection. :rofl:
In all seriousness, I’d put fit at number 1. If it fits your hand and you shoot it well, and enjoy shooting it, it’s the GOAT!


A bit of cowboy wisdom: Never call another man’s horse ugly. If the horse works then who am I to decide what is best for another? It all boils down to an individual’s application. You might not want to use a show horse for plowing fields. Especially if you (and the horse) are new to farming. I did have an Arabian Horse that was an exceptional cutter…


parts availability is definitely something to consider as well


I guess i start with calibre to make sure first and foremost i have true stopping power, even for heavier threats…i carry .45 for this reason


All of the comments here are spot on, however, I don’t see much reference to cost. I think we live in an age where reliable handguns can be had for less than $500. My approach has always been (1) ergonomics - more specifically carryability; (2) reliability; (3) cost.

I shoot 2-3 times a month, and have chosen pistols and calibers that allow me to do so. I will be proficient, my weapon is reliable and available, and my rounds will be center-of-mass. All else is secondary to me.

I’m not all knocking the Glock or Nighthawk owners. You guys rock.


@Paul1 I just bought my Gen5 Glock 17 for $440. I saw the exact same gun today used for $400. Takes some shopping but well worth the effort.


I just HAD to look that up, so…
According to Lexico:
“Many evolutionary biologists are satisfied with a very undemanding form of ability or capacity… namely “conceivability”. There was no universe, no sheer conceivability, merely absence of cognitive ability. Hence the conceivability of an autonomously operating rational soul.”

Aren’t all y’all glad y’all logged in today! :upside_down_face:
@Ben_Blanc just having fun. :+1: BTW… I agree with Sheepdog556.

There is no “best”, far far too many variables, ie best for what? Protection from large carnivores? Concealed carry? Match accuracy? Home defense? Small game hunting? All handguns are compromises. Decide what YOU want a weapon to do, and then choose accordingly. Glocks are “decent” reliable weapons. Are they “perfect”? Don’t think so or else there would not be a huge industry in making aftermarket parts to “improve” ‘em.

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Or every person has a different best? It’s kind of like cars, what one person loves another might dislike. :oncoming_automobile:


There’s always a best, i understand preference comes into play here and everyone has their own preference…but there is a best. Most accurate, most durable, most reliable, etc…all these things considered and graded can help determine which is best.

Question is, which is best?..not which is preferred?

@TexasEskimo…lol…damn auto correct, that’s my story and i’m sticking to it. The word was supposed to be “conealability” …it just tried to auto correct again


Okay… I’ll take the point (gulp)… Glock.

Reliability. Accuracy. Selection. Fair prices. TONS of aftermarket tools and accessories. Just type any gun manufacturer name in Amazon or Ebay search and see what comes up. Hands down, more Glock items available.

So… Let the beatings begin! I can take it. I am going to take off my Spiderman PJs and put my big boy pants on right now. Blast away.

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I’m going to go down a different path than Glock/Polymer pistols and say a Sig P229. When you factor in accuracy, durability, reliability, and conceal-ability I have to put the 229 at the top. You don’t have to touch it, it’s ready to go out of the box.

*Ive carried a 229 extensively as well as a G19 and it really isn’t a big difference with a good belt and holster, at least for me. I also realize DA/SA isn’t for everyone…just my personal opinion.

Again, the issue is “best” for me and my usage my be the direct opposite of what Your “best” may be. To make a statement that any “one” pistol is best for everything/everybody just doesn’t make sense. Example your new $5k .45 may be totally worthless to me if I want a pistol for small game hunting. My .44 Super Blackhawk with 7.5” barrel wouldn’t be much good to you if you’re looking for a concealed piece…

when you add all those things up you will get an average which will reveal the best overall handgun…even if you personally only give it a score of a 7 for hunting, doesn’t mean 7 is the final score or tally

Why not use the median? :thinking:

I agree with the idea that “best” is subjective.
When I took the CWP class a while back, I used my Sig M17 and qualified very well. It’s a great piece of machinery and well done, but it isn’t my best shooter.
Rifles and shotguns aside because I can’t conceal them (12 inch max dimension rule here lol), I have other excellent handguns. I have smaller, easier to conceal and lighter weight ones, and they are great but not the apex in accuracy either. They are accurate enough for me, just not the best. Reliability varies.
All this said, I have a CZ 75 tactical and a P-07. Both are very fine handguns, but the aged looking CZ copy by Tanfoglio that I found at a tiny pawn shop for $238 out shoots them both hands down. It is a full size heavy one and not a beauty queen (except in my eyes!), but it is comfortable for me to wield and shoot. The grip is short and leaves my little finger looking for a place to hang its hat, but it came with a 17 round mag which extends below the grip. So the hand goes from comfortable grip to skinnier bare mag for my lesser digit, but for some reason this seems to work for me. I’ve avoided a slide on grip spacer thingy because of this. I simply got a couple more plain 17 round mags.
BTW the CZ mags do not interchange. It fits well in some of my 1911 holsters. It’s DA/SA so that’s not bad for carrying condition 1. No decocker, so the hammer must be eased into DA position when a round is in the chamber. It has an easy to operate and access safety lever. It has a great trigger with pretty good reset.
What you see here is an imperfect handgun. There are things we can pick apart and wag our fingers at when reviewing it. But after all that, once it’s made ready, this one handles and shoots extremely well. It is comfortable in my hand and manageable for keeping on target. Good bore axis. Over all I’d have to choose it as very likely ONE of MY best handguns in the world.
Are there much better and more accurate choices in the right hands? Definitely. Are they savings stealing expensive? Probably. I have “better” guns myself, but few fit me as well as old Raggedy Anne.
It’s subjective. Many of you might hate old Annie, and rightly so, but this works for me.

If I had to pick the best Gun I’d just say Glock 19. I don’t even own a glock, but the reliability, aftermarket parts, low boar axis. You can conceal it, good capacity. I might get one one day.

I’m a S&W fan tho. They fit my hand well, they’re more affordable, and I trust them. I’m also one of those people who likes a Manuel safety gasp. :joy: