The best handgun in the world!

Lately i’ve been searching for “the best handgun” but have come to the rather simple realization that not one handgun can be deemed the perfect one as every person is different and so are their preferences.

So my question is, what qualities in a handgun make it perfect for you? and how do you pick a perfect match?

I start with calibre, then fit, then accuracy, then conceivability, and finally style…in that order

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I go with reliability, fit (does it feel good in my hands), caliber, capacity and parts availability. I dont know that I have an order to it as much as it needs to meet all of those needs.


This is what does it for me. Add in purpose as a sidebar(carry gun, home protection gun, hunting/woods walking gun)


Glock has no problem claiming perfection. :rofl:
In all seriousness, I’d put fit at number 1. If it fits your hand and you shoot it well, and enjoy shooting it, it’s the GOAT!


A bit of cowboy wisdom: Never call another man’s horse ugly. If the horse works then who am I to decide what is best for another? It all boils down to an individual’s application. You might not want to use a show horse for plowing fields. Especially if you (and the horse) are new to farming. I did have an Arabian Horse that was an exceptional cutter…


parts availability is definitely something to consider as well


I guess i start with calibre to make sure first and foremost i have true stopping power, even for heavier threats…i carry .45 for this reason


All of the comments here are spot on, however, I don’t see much reference to cost. I think we live in an age where reliable handguns can be had for less than $500. My approach has always been (1) ergonomics - more specifically carryability; (2) reliability; (3) cost.

I shoot 2-3 times a month, and have chosen pistols and calibers that allow me to do so. I will be proficient, my weapon is reliable and available, and my rounds will be center-of-mass. All else is secondary to me.

I’m not all knocking the Glock or Nighthawk owners. You guys rock.


@Paul1 I just bought my Gen5 Glock 17 for $440. I saw the exact same gun today used for $400. Takes some shopping but well worth the effort.

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