The .40 S&W is obsolete

The .40 S&W is obsolete.

Have fun.

Glock 23 is the best!


.40 S&W: better than 9mm?

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[Jan 2019]

.40 S&W: Dead Duck or Best Buy?

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.40 S&W for every day carry?

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Dead Horse. :roll_eyes:


Good round! Maybe I’ll shoot my .40
This weekend. It’s my trusty bedside caliber at the moment. I’ve seen 40 cheaper than 9mm in some places recently.

Will I buy another 40? Probably not (never say never!) but I’m not getting rid of mine either.


SR40 was my first pistol and still my favorite…Long Live Darth Ruger!


@Gary_H - I’ve owned a Springfield XD 40 for quite awhile and enjoy firing it one heck of alot. Handles great and puts me on the mark well.
.40 is here to stay in my book.


Depends on if you desire to bring a broom stick or a baseball bat to a fight. Not everyone is the same and respectfully depends on training and strength to manage recoil and operations. The 10mm is a .40 caliber, like the .45 caliber, they come in different flavors too. The .45 LC, 45 ACP, .45 GAP, and .45/70; just an example.

I enjoy having my GLOCK 27, 22, and 23 Gen 4. Everyone is their best and enjoy.

I’m happy for you.

Please do not put down people. equipment, or make judgements except you first have trained, studied,
practiced learning all you can about this minor subject that is on the .40 S.W. or any equipment or supplies. It may save your life one day. There are many other people that work hard and their experience and training help all of us to learn. Not everyone is the same and it takes training and practice to be their best. This goes for any ammunition that we all have and use. Please use your equipment the best you can and please stay safe. LEARN and TRAIN!