Thank you to the staff

I had not received my survival kit and I joined in August of last year. I actually thought I had not signed up in time to get the package which was okay but last week my son received his and he signed up the same day I did so I shot an email to customer service I think on Thursday of last week. I got an email that they were looking into it and I had to give a bit more info and yesterday Sunday they said I was elligible for the kit and this morning I had another email saying it has been shipped.
What great service you have and congrats to the fine work of your staff and Delta Defense. The ladies there are tops in my book.


It’s a small bag but the contents are great.


Thanks for the update, @Harvey11! Sorry for the confusion/delay, but I’m really glad it was squared away for you!


I may have to get my wife her own membership. She has claimed my Survival Kit as hers & I would like it back.

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Great for you Harvey11, i joined almost a year ago and i can’t get anything for joining.