Texas Roll Call

I guess considered “just south” of what is considered panhandle. There have been a tornado here and there over the years. Nothing too bad in my lifetime.

Allen, Texas here!

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Welcome to the family, @Ron130! We’re glad you found us! I just moved to Louisiana… I’ve never seen so much purple :eyes:…it’s everywhere lol

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Looking for a good club or event kind of thing where we meet somewhere to do some outdoor shooting. Not necessarily competition, but can be if that’s what’s available. Anyone connected to something like that? Thanks!

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I don’t know of anything up there, I was in the Beaumont area, but I know there’s a couple people in your area here somewhere. Hopefully they will have some info for you.

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Not up that way but down here in Johnson City there is. :slight_smile:

Mansfield :heart:

I live inside the loop. Moved back to the old hood after retiring from the Navy.

Near Conroe…. Looking at getting LTC while in the area. Any instructors with flexible schedules? Stay safe ya’ll.