Testing Holster Retention?

I’ve always done the shake test, but I think I’m going to move away from that method. I find it kind of arbitrary. How hard to I need to shake it to be valid? How much more retention do I get with the belt?

I thought this was an interesting video.

What do y’all do?


This is the only test i need!


She makes some good points about testing a holster’s retention while wearing it, but leaves out the part about dropping drawers while using the bathroom.

The pistol should be left in the holster still connected to the belt when your pants are closer to your ankles than your waist, not removed and placed on the back of the toilet, balanced on the toilet paper dispenser, etc. And it should be able to stay in the holster when pulling up trou.

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I was impressed with this test when I saw it first time presented by John Correia.
I was tightening the screws in my holsters to match requirements he spoke about… but found it later too cramped for the pistols during draw stroke.
I don’t use this test anymore. I tighten screws to have positive click for holstering and easy, uninterruptible draw stroke.
I’m too old for flips anyway… :wink:

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Maybe tripple check that it’s unloaded, over one’s bed. Be safe.

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That’s the video I was using… He made a clarification video and it made me feel everything was a lie :joy::joy:.

He says an unloaded gun shouldn’t fall out when slightly shaking… he seemed to even imply that was enough because belt adds retention.