Ted Nugent Interview | USCCA Exclusive Video

Concealed Carry Magazine‘s own Kevin Michalowski held an exclusive firearms-related interview with legendary Motor City rocker Ted Nugent. Join us as we hear about Ted’s thoughts on recreational drugs (he’s adamantly against them — unless you’re a comedian), responsible firearms ownership, your right — and duty — to self-defense and the future of American society.

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First. This is the absolute best American perfection video ever. EVER!

Scream it from the rooftops.

I WANT that 7 gun strategies thing they’re talking about. NOW!


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Loved this video; a great interview. What a fantastic inspirational tool for recruiting new responsible gun owners… and ultimately new members to USCCA. I will watch it again, I’m certain. Thanks!

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Here’s a link directly to the video:

Great interview, Kevin. Always great to hear Uncle Ted.

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Yes, very good, I enjoyed it too.

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I think every Red Blooded American should watch this interview. It was educational, intuitive, and entertaining. Thank you!!!

this was an awesome interview with ted. A true American who believes in his country and the freedom that we have. Oh I wish we had more people who are so committed to what is right and take a stand. Thank you uscca for your continued support for the for the freedom that we enjoy in this country