Teaching your kids about firearms

You may be home with your kids for an extended period of time with everything that’s going on right now. If you’re looking for something to do with them, why not teach them about firearms?

How did you or are you planning on teaching your kids about firearms?


One way to teach them is to have them help with the jigsaw puzzle:


The kids are grown, but like their parents, were taught gun safety from the time they walked, and had micro supervision with ‘helping’ to hold the .410 shotgun and ‘helping’ with squeezing the trigger, ‘helping’ with cleaning, well before they could do those things with their own hands only…it was just part of the training because guns were a part of life. I think because that’s just the way it was at our house, they never had that potentially dangerous curiosity about firearms. Both son and daughter love and appreciate guns and shooting sports to this day, and the grandson has been raised up the same. It worked for us.

I used to shoot allot of IPSC. My son at 6 was coming and giving with an airsoft gun. At age 8 he moved to a Smith 422. And at age 10 he picked out a Glock 35. That was our progression. Give are not toys but, tools. Daughter was just behind and didn’t really get into the competition. They both hunted, including sighting, cleaning, transport and storage. The nice thing is the guns were never taboo in our house. Just a tool and not an evil secret. Start then young and let them decide the pace.

Even if they don’t want to hunt, the MN DNR puts on a great Hunter safety course. Sure other states do as well. All children should attend, even if there are no guns in the house.

Just don’t make them afraid. Take the time and show them. Just my two cents.


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My oldest is only 4 but he’s shown some curiosity so we say down and I explained what it does and why we have them. I let him hold the ones he wanted too. I figure if we curb that curiosity he’ll be less likely to try to get to it on his own.

For the record my guns are always kept safe but we are human. And I’m more worried if he goes to someone else’s house and finds one. He knows don’t touch it and tell an adult.