Teach kids to shoot at what age?

What age do you think kids should learn to shoot? Thoughts? RAISING THEM RIGHT: 12 YEAR OLD GIRL VS. .460 S&W MAGNUM - The Classic Woodsman


There is no broad brush answer here. Depends on the kid, on the parents/guardians, the firearm(s) being shot, the way in which they are shot, etc. I have been part of training youths down to 7 shooting firearms with brilliance (considering) and also 14 year olds (…and some adults) who still weren’t up to handling the responsibility


My kids were at the range with me pretty young. I don’t recall the age. But under ten years old, I’m sure. I grew up shooting as early as I can remember. We started carrying a shotgun hunting when we were old enough to take the hunters safety course at 12. So dad trusted us with a gun walking in the field at that age.


I started out my 3yr old grandson with a 25 round/CO2 mag fed, auto, BB pistol. Shh, his parents don’t know yet!!!


I would say freshman high school is the good age to have a firearm education.
But all depends on Parents, neighborhood, community… there are a lot of factors.

I may have a different vantage point being born and risen in Europe.

I got my basic firearm training (.22 sport rifle) in High School, then Boy Scout Camps… but my kids were introduced to firearms, here in USA when they reached 21.

The most important is to find the best moment… responsibility and mindset of both - Parents and kids.


My kids were 20 and 16 when I became a gun owner, same year I taught them to shoot.
Looking back, I could’ve been a gun owner five years earlier and would have had no qualms about starting them sooner.

Lesson learned. Now, I have these waiting for my grandson when he’s ready: a Daisy Red Ryder, and two .22LRs—a 1911 and a GSG rifle.
At what age? As soon as he’s old enough to understand the rules of firearm safety.


I taught my boys to shoot starting around age 6-8 with air guns. Starting with pellet rifles then going to airsoft pistols. Treating airguns and airsoft guns as real firearms got them in the mindset of safety while being able to have fun in the back yard.

Not to mention, my airsoft 1911 operates EXACTLY the same as the real one gave them great hands on live fire experience with completely non lethal weapon.

When we got to the range for their first time with real guns they did amazing! Both even hit a life size prairie dog steel knockdown at 15 yards on their first shot with the .45 1911!!!

My then 11 yo with a .44 mag Desert Eagle

Teach em young!


I am teaching my 13 yr old grandson to shoot my Taurus G3 9 mm. Shot it with 5 rounds. Hit on target and hit almost center mass on his last shot. He was 15ft away from target. Taught my son the same age.


We shot trap with our kids after their 8th birthday, gave them exposure to handling firearms around other people. We would blink/hunt jack rabbits with them, using .22’s, when they were 7 years old. And then there’s my left wing son, he got his first firearm and training when he was 35 years old, he wasn’t interested until then.


I use to run shooting matches at my gun club. And we did have kids come out and shoot in the matches with their parents. And there were kids as young as 7 years old shooting. And some of the kids shot better than their parents shot. And the kids all knew about firearm safety. And they had a lot of fun doing it. I feel that ALL kids should learn about firearm safety as early as 4 years old. But maybe not to shoot a firearm until they show a real interest in shooting. But at 4 so that they know what a firearm is and that they are not a toy to play with. And how to handle them safely.