Start 'em young

with a Daisy!


Then they grow up and ask for a .45 1911 for Christmas! I absolutely love it! but I would wait on the 45 for now and get ready for the .22 .


I started young also, it’s been a lifelong love affair. :+1:


I had 8 of my grands shooting by 9 years old. Except this last one which will be 10 this year. Two of them hunt but none of the rest have any interest in shooting.


My sons got their own BB guns and eye protection when they were 10. I setup a backyard “range” with backstop so they can shoot whenever they wanted. They also got into airsoft and have a few of those to their name.

These were great training aids with respect to making sure they obey the basic rules. Each one has had at least one “accident” that enforced the need for the rules without too much damage. I have big screen TV hanging on my wall with a divot on the screen from an airsoft BB that one of them thought was not loaded. My wife wants it replaced, but I’m leaving it up as a constant reminder until the TV decides to quit.

For the past couple of years, they’ve also been going to the range with me to shoot various pistols and rifles.


But they have the knowledge and understanding of firearms and firearm safety, that will always be there if later in life they decide to draw from that. My wife has always disliked firearms, but had no issue with my having them.

Many years ago, she went to the range with me, as I stated, unless you experience it, you don’t know what it is like. Everyone else has always left with smiles. She went, and after a mag of .22, she told me she did not like the noise (while wearing 30 NRR ear muffs). I gave her a huge amount of respect for that, doing something she was strongly against, to try it as I suggested. Now the events of this past year have made her recently decide she needs to learn to shoot. That is a massive change. It had to have taken a lot to change her mind on that, and I give her even more respect for that.


I started my daughter at 5 years old with a pellet gun. It was shortly after I took her with me to go get ammo and she saw a pink bolt action .22 she loved. I made her the deal that if she showed me she learned gun safety, I’d get her that pink monstrosity. Guess what she owned on her 6th birthday? Damn Pink monstrosity! Can’t believe I let it tarnish my manly gun safe…ugh.


My wife was against us owning guns as she was nervous about them. She had no problem with people having them she just didn’t feel safe with them in the house with kids. This summer out of the blue she said it was time to get one. We have been together for over 20 years. I now have 2.

So like your wife, mine saw what was happening and decided enough is enough.

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Yes, start them young. When my children were small I did the Eddie eagle (NRA) thing…“when you encounter any firearm you stop, don’t touch, leave the room, tell an adult!”. They are much older now, but they remember that…they can pass that on. In our area the local 4-H chapter had shooting sports as an option. My daughter just aged out that. Great exposure to good folks, good fun, and wise training. It begins when they are young, but it’s never too late to begin:)

You ain’t kiddin…my daughter can’t get enough! Her taste in firearms has improved with her training. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Bless you, my son. You raised them right.

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  1. Started my son with a Marlin 15Y. Now, he’s 11, has his own Ruger 10/22 that he uses for 4H rifles. It helps that I’m the county 4H rifle coach.
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My oldest turned 5 on November 25th. Here is his .22. A little more “tactical” than I wanted, but I wanted to be able to run a suppressor on it.