TBK, Can’t Have It Your Way

A gun-toting male — only 17 years old — held up a Chicago restaurant Monday night, police said. But also in the establishment was a concealed-carrying man who took issue with what was happening and opened fire on the suspect.

What are the details?

Police said the teen entered the Taco Burrito King at 5413 W. Belmont Ave. off Long Avenue in the Belmont Cragin neighborhood — and at gunpoint, demanded the contents of the cash register, WBBM-TV reported.

The clerk behind the register complied with the teen’s demands, but police told the station that a man with a concealed carry license was also in the Mexican restaurant — and he confronted the gun-toting teen.

Cops said the CCL holder took out a gun and shot at the teen — but missed, WBBM reported.

The teen took off from the restaurant, drove away in a black sport-utility vehicle, and promptly crashed a half a mile to the south near Diversey and Long Avenues, police told the station.
The suspect tried to flee the accident scene, but officers caught him, WBBM said, adding that they also recovered a gun.

The teen was taken to Community First Hospital with a graze wound, police added to the station. Cops initially said the teen was wounded during the armed robbery but later clarified that he was not wounded during the armed robbery, WBBM reported.

The station noted that police didn’t say where they believe the teen sustained the graze gunshot wound, but they noted that he was in fair condition at the hospital Tuesday afternoon where he was being held in custody.

No one else was hurt, WBBM reported, adding that Area 5 detectives are investigating.”

Pretty vague but it doesn’t sound that the customers life was in immediate danger.


Why are they always picking on the Mexican Taco joints? :thinking: More remedial range time for the customer! :upside_down_face:


This :point_up_2:t4:
I wonder what he hit. Thankfully, not the cashier.


must not be a USCCA member[and no I was not in Chicago Monday] :laughing: :laughing: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


If you had been, there would have been reports of “Bigfoot” sightings. :rofl:


I would percieve the life of the person with the gun in his face to be in imminent danger, and would have reacted similarly to the patron carrier, hopefully, with more accurate results. I would also perceive my life to be in imminent danger, simply because this thug doesn’t display rational behavior with a gun in a business setting.


I resemble that remark :grin:


I think that is a reasonable assumption when someone is pointing a gun at another person in a threatening manner. Though I would use my gut and other evidence to decide if he was very likely to take the money and run or if he seemed likely to hurt someone. Opening fire when it appears the criminal isn’t intending to could increase the threat before it is able to stop the threat.

It’s interesting that the report says the criminal had a graze wound but also says the CCL holder missed. Either one of those statements is wrong or maybe the criminal shot himself while trying to get away?


Willing to threaten another human’s life for whatever’s in the register. All the evidence I need to make a decision. Not gonna wait until he gets pissed because there’s only $21.75 in the register and goes off.


Just too many variables for me to make that call without being there.

How sure am I that I can stop the threat before he can hurt someone else? Do my shots have a safe backstop if I miss or if I hit and the bullets go through him? Does he have friends out in the vehicle who will come in and start firing at everyone?

Sometimes inaction is the best action. Though I would certainly be ready to act if the oppurtunity presented itself and there didn’t seem to be a better option.


You’re right, all variables must be considered. You’ll never truly know what you will do until you are in that situation. I know which way I’d be leaning based on what we’re told.


Taco Burrito King - my favorite Taco place. :roll_eyes:

Some clarification:

  • CC carrier missed - fact…
  • Criminal ended up with graze wound to the arm. Investigators still don’t know where he suffered the abrasion

Hold your horses! Punishment and crime must fit each other. So if they intend to write this yoooth a ticket for reckless driving, then whats the right crime?

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You’re thinking of the good old days…


It’s Chicago he probably got shot by someone he owed money too and had a time limit to bring the money back hence robbing Tbk that’s how he got shot but the CCL holder missed.make any sense yet