Tapatalk App

@Dawn have you guys thought of making this forum available for use with the Tapatalk app? It’s an app designed for people on mobile devices to better interact with discussion forums like this as opposed to trying to navigate through here in their mobile browser.

Just an idea.


I think with this being in it’s infancy, something similar may be in the works later down the road. I’m hoping for a standalone app or be integrated into the existing USCCA app. Cool thing is, we’re here for the beginning and get to watch it grow.


I agree. I’ve been a plank owner on a forum once before and you’re right…it’s awesome to be able to say I was there from the beginning.

I like your idea about the forum being integrated into the USCCA app.


Sorry I didn’t see this thread before today! There are a ton of ideas about how/where to put the forum to make it easier for those who use it on their phones. It’s in the backlog of ideas that we’re trying to hammer out. We don’t want to make any snap decisions now, when there’s a lot of unknown yet.

For now, it will just be in the browsers on phones. Thankfully, the browser presentation is pretty close to how it is on a computer and it’s very user friendly.

When we get to the app discussion, I’ll definitely be hitting y’all up for some suggestions and maybe some beta testing. :slight_smile:


I’m ready when you need me :sunglasses:

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I was able to add this to my home screen on my Note8 phone so it’s easier to get access to.

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