Taking firearm out of state without a conceal carry license

I filed for my concealed carry license over a month ago in FL. Called Tallahassee and they are back logged before they can process my actual license.

We are leaving FL for OR can I legally take my firearm our of state if it is in locked safe and can I use it in other states ie shooting ranges in other states?


That will depend on the state(s) and or cities you are going to/through.

You need to check the legal requirements for transportation for each state you are going to be in.

Not all state laws are the same and what may seem logical in one will put in in jail in another.


I’m going to say would be a very bad idea in the Northwest.


It’s going to be very log reading to find how to travel with firearm :smirk:
The easiest way - close, lock and fly. Only Oregon gun laws to check :slightly_smiling_face:


Unless you have a lay over someplace anti 2A. I have heard some ugly stories about New York airports.


Flying or driving?

You can find details about traveling with a firearm here:

Hope that helps, @Michael520. Let us know if you have more questions.


driving in RV

Before I had my CA and UT licenses, I followed this on my road trips:
“it is a good idea to lock your ammunition and guns in separate lock boxes in the trunk or anywhere out of immediate reach“

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Federal Law is simple. You can have it locked, unloaded and separated from ammo.
But unfortunately you have to go over every State’s Law you are going to drive through.

I’m not sure if you want to trust whatever Internet says, its hard to find valid information.
The most valuable article I’ve found recently was this one:

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If You get thru idaho, pm me and come and shoot, we live in the country with our own range. As a non resident in idaho or traveling thru, you can carry concealed without a permit, in city orout of town, except federal buildings, schools etc.went into law July 1.

Wy is open carry. If you travel thru or headed to jelly stone park, stop in cody, wy, and visit the gun museum.

I carried firearms with me all the time I traveled from state to state. These days, to be better covered from an incident with some LE type, consider locking it separate from ammo in a case and stuff it in your trunk. But, you can always have it immediately handy when you’re staying in a seedy motel. The motel is temporarily your “home.”

I know when I have looked up the travel laws on the states around me they all say this. " As long as you are licensed in your home State, you can legally carry a gun in your car". Now like I said that’s the states around me. Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky. But I’m sure there are more then a few that way.

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Justin47 are you sure about Illinois, I have been looking for a state that Illinois recognizes. Because I’m in iowa and travel too and through Illinois alot. And they dont recognize iowa

@Hartz, Illinois does not recognize Iowa or any other state for that matters gun laws but does allow you to carry your gun in your vehicle and only in your vehicle as long as you have a carry permit in your home state.

430 ILCS 556/40

(e) Nothing in this Act shall prohibit a non-resident from transporting a concealed firearm within his or her vehicle in Illinois, if the concealed firearm remains within his or her vehicle and the non-resident:
(1) is not prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm under federal law;
(2) is eligible to carry a firearm in public under the laws of his or her state or territory of residence, as evidenced by the possession of a concealed carry license or permit issued by his or her state of residence, if applicable; and
(3) is not in possession of a license under this Act. If the non-resident leaves his or her vehicle unattended, he or she shall store the firearm within a locked vehicle or locked container within the vehicle in accordance with subsection (b) of Section 65 of this Act. (Source: P.A. 98-63, eff. 7-9-13.)


Nice thank you so much for this info, it has been bothering leaving my pistol at home this week because I was unsure how to handle IL. Its silly that they dont all except a carry from any state

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I understand. That’s why this convo got started. I go to Illinois all the time for my job. So it was fact I needed…

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