Surveillance state

Ring will no longer allow police to request doorbell camera footage from users (


I wonder if sales are down. Well, they can always change their terms of service back whenever they feel like it.


I had considered Ring, but never moved forward because of the privacy concerns. It’s also a reason I don’t use smart appliances, Alexa, Siri or any other permanent listening device. I do believe Google is still listening, even though I have all those functions disabled on my phone, as does my wife.

I don’t have anything to hide, and I’m probably about the most law abiding citizen in the US, but just being a conservative, white, Christian gun owner makes me a highly suspicious individual in the eyes of many.



I use Eufy cameras. Video footage is NOT stored in a cloud somewhere or require a subscription, but is stored on a local base unit connected to my router. It’s a smart device, which means that I can see what the cameras see and am alerted to movement when away from home. Models have rechargeable batteries or small solar panels. Battery life, in my experience is generally 4-5 months before I have to recharge them.

Tells me when anyone approaches the house and provides lots of wildlife videos (deer, bobcats, grey fox, even the local yak herd).


From what I understand, Ring Owns the Footage, the owner does not. So it comes down to Do You Trust Google to have your best interest in mind? I don’t.


Amazon owns ring cameras and doorbells, as well as Blink cameras. Google cams/doorbells are Nest. I don’t trust either company. I’ve read shorter books than their terms of service.

Here’s an article from 2022 about Amazon. All the Data Amazon's Ring Cameras Collect About You | WIRED

I tried to find this type of information about Google, but SHOCKER, couldn’t find anything.