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Hi all,

I have/had Ring security cameras around my home and recently found out that Ring is affiliated with Amazon. Given some other unsavory news about Ring, I would like to find a camera company that is:

  1. Not affiliated with Big Tech. So Google Nest is not an option that I am considering.
  2. Has no third party tracking…

So, I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a home security camera that is as private as possible :rofl:, at least as private as possible in this day and age. :sweat_smile:.

Other brands I am looking at include: Simply Safe, Arlo, Abode, Cove, Blue by ADT, Vivant, Wyze, and Remo Plus. The market has become flooded and overwhelming, so I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendaitons?

Many thanks!

I think that requirement pretty much leaves you with whatever you can find that stores footage locally at your house without being connected to internet/WiFi. Not sure what that would be. Every one I am familiar with uses cloud storage (inherently not private) or requires being connected even if you store locally (I would call that also inherently not secure).

Me, it’s worth the less privacy because

  1. The cameras are recording what’s outdoors anyway, anybody could be recording that
  2. I can view the footage anytime from anywhere, including when I’m out of town

I am using Arlo cameras, and one of the reasons is that you can use them without having anything sent to a cloud server. You can set up so all storage is in the wifi-connected unit in the house by adding a storage card. They do offer a subscription system with added features, but you can use them without any monthly subscription.
And you can buy them through other retailers besides Amazon, like Best Buy, not just direct from Arlo.
Tip: when buying spare batteries buy only their Arlo-branded ones. After market batteries fail in them.

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Like Remo+ for my doorbell cam. As for Home Security Camera’s and a DVR for the utmost in privacy I would go with Swann. I have a NVR system which is wired cameras (the traditional BNC cabled cams are a pain, and you need to hook each camera to an AC Adapter.) Nice part, every camera is 4K, every camera has a Mic and two of them have speakers. No batteries to mess with except for a backup UPS. The issue with all wireless cams, if your internet is down you cannot see out of them. My DVR has an App for android and iPhone. No subscription is necessary.

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I have Simply Safe and am very, very happy with it. No issues, no hacks, and great customer service.


Hi @TB09 … based on your requirements… especially the second one… your only option is what @Nathan57 wrote - LOCAL STORAGE.
But even you won’t keep your footage with “shared cloud”, remember… cameras are “Made in China”… if the box says otherwise, the chips inside the camera are “Made in China”.
I hope you are ok with this, because if not your option is to buy few dogs :slightly_smiling_face:

My recommendation: LTS, Hikvision

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Kind of on topic. If I store the video on site is it admissible as evidence? Does chain of custody matter here?

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You have to read agreement.
Technically everything kept on somebody’s server belongs to him. :grimacing:
If you don’t see paragraph about your privacy where it clearly says that footage can be accessible for you only… that means it doesn’t belong to you. You don’t need to be even informed that your recordings are used by others…
Anyway… I.T. World is very simple - whatever is in the Cloud is not private anymore. :neutral_face:


I use BLINK! It sends the video clips to my phone. OR I can go live, if I see something!

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I will say DO NOT use anything from ADT.
They have had problems with unauthorized employees spying on people with systems they installed.
This is a risk with any cloud storage set up.
Pretty much every company has had some bad apples abusing the systems they have.

Something with local storage you can access yourself is the best solution. If your internet is down, the cloud cameras are down as well most of the time.

Sad but your really cannot trust any of these companies in the cloud setups.


Hikvision to be avoided at all costs. There are back doors into every camera produced by this Chinese company. There is a reason they are on the blocked list for Federal projects.

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show me the cameras WITHOUT Chinese chips :sweat_smile:

We are not talking about Federal Security nor Banks nor any high lever facilities.
I personally don’t care if General Li Zuocheng is going to see my front yard. :person_shrugging:


I can but they are too expensive to consider for home use. A company in Switzerland makes some really nice stuff that is my preference.

But there are some with chips from S Korea, Japan, Taiwan on the lower end I would consider first.
I know a bit too much about the Hikvision crap that I would never use anything from that company ever. Even to watch my front porch :wink:

It’s not just the Chinese that know the back doors…


Thank God LTS showed up and Hikvision is not the only choice.

I still don’t believe that chips made outside of USA are not Chinese. You can print the names and pack them wherever you want without any trace to original factory. Chinese factory cannot effort losing our market, so for them it’s still worthy to do OEM chips for another Asian Countries, which then mark them and export to USA.

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Actually, a lot of the chips are made in Taiwan, but I digress…

Using Cloud Storage is what you want to stay away from if you’re after the utmost privacy. Remote Viewing, etc… all require internet. If privacy is what you’re after, don’t let it do anything on the internet.

Get a DVR, 3-4Tb Hard Drive (which are decently cheap now) and don’t let it touch the internet.



Worth mentioning, for those that are really “do it yourselfers” there is excellent freeware for a DVR using an old desktop. I prefer NVR systems since it uses a powered ethernet cable for the cameras to the DVR. I have had three systems so far, Defender using BNC, Swann using BNC and currently a Swann system using NVR cables (ethernet). NVR i superior for the amount of data (video and audio) they can handle from the camera. The DVR can be used with internet or without. I like the app and feel pretty safe with it. The Remo+ Video Doorbell is good, but works poorly with Apple iPhone products, if you have an iPhone I recommend Logitech for your video doorbell. I have played with Blink, which are very good, but they are owned by Amazon.

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I use and am a big fan of Eufy cameras. I bought mine because: (1) the video clips are not maintained in “the cloud” which usually means Amazon or Google and all the security issues they bring to into play; (2) there is no bogus monthly subscription/monitoring fee; (3) they are inexpensive and easily augmented; and, (4) they can be monitored by your smartphone, tablet, etc and videos viewable from anywhere you have an internet connection.

I keep adding cameras (around $79 each) as the wildlife comes alive in my rural Colorado home in the evenings. Endless entertainment.

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I’m not saying that this is what I do but I have spoken with people who use trail cameras that can be connected to WiFi. They get alerts whenever motion is detected. They are pretty hidden from plain sight and no one usually looks for cameras in trees or up on a pole by a street light when they are getting into mischief.

Also, if the power goes out, they will disconnect from the internet connection, but they will still be getting footage. But, that’s just what I’ve heard.


I work at Ring Tech support, the footage is safe and you have full control of your own data. You can even encrypt all footage with an encryption key only you have access to on a phone you choose: https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360054941551-How-to-Set-Up-Video-End-to-End-Encryption-E2EE-.

If you want full anonymity then A self installed local AVR would be the best option and if you know how to setup your own server and protect it from hackers you can even remotely view footage.

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