SURE SIGHT And OUTERIMPACT "Advantage Tactical" Sights

Has anyone had good or bad experiences with these? SURE SIGHT is still out of production, while OUTERIMPACT has acquired “AT”'s holdings - both appear to have taken cues from Steyr’s trapezoidal design - where you have to “build” a triangle or pyramid to acquire your sight-picture - but neither design looks too sturdy to stand up to extended shooting or holster-wear. Bunk or junk?

I saw this sights once. Hard to tell if those are reliable for a longer period of time.
The problem I found is the front sight. It’s completely different idea and because I’ve got used to “normal sights” (equal height equal light) I’ve got tendency to dip the muzzle down with SureSight. Triangle sights design doesn’t seem to give any advantages comparing to regular good “night sights” from reputable manufacturers.

Outer Impact:
so far never heard about anybody using their sights.