Stock Fiearm Sights

Today I went to the range to finally finish the USCCA Qual Level 1 range portion. I doubled up and did 1 with my Hellcat Pro and a second with our S&W Shield EZ.

I do not know why, but for me the stock S&W sights are like auto-aim. Since the first time I fired our EZ, to me these sights have been literally EZ.
I struggled a bit with the Suppressor sights on my full size FN509 Tactical.
Same with the larger front sight on the Hellcat Pro.
My wife’s Taurus G3C has Glock sights which are hit and miss with me.

My understanding is alot of people don’t like the S&W sights. For me they are just natural and work well.

Are there specific manufacturer stock sights you have found to work well for you over others? Just curious.

Debating on trading in my FN509 to get a fulll size S&W MP just for the sights…


People usually don’t like sights not because how they aim, but how visible they are, how fast you can get the sights picture / sight alignment and how helpful they can be in one hand operation.

I personally didn’t like M&P sights only because they were white dots. No other reason, handgun shot very accurately.
I switched to Trijicon night sights, got the same shooting results during the day, but much better experience overnight.


All of the firearms you mentioned have a lot of afermarket sight options. It’s not difficult to put the exactly sights that you want on the gun.


If you got the Performance Center model, those come with the truglo green or whatever they’re called. I have it, they are nice sights. Too bad I don’t like the way the pistol feels. I also have a Shadow System MR920 and it has the green front sight and blacked-out read sights and I really like this setup now after making an adjustment.

After first I thought I just wasn’t good with irons on a pistol. Then I experimented with the larger backstraps for my CZ and MR. That actually made all the difference in how I gripped the pistols which improved my speed in getting a good sight picture. It might not be the sights. It could be the angle of the gun or something simple like the backstrap.

I did change the back strap on the FN509 and that helped.

For me, the simple 3 dots work great. Like everything else, what works for one person does not for others.

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Thought provoking.

Makes me think of that concept of “point shooting”. I might have the lingo wrong. But in the heat of the moment of a rare life threatening event, especially if it happens so fast, do some not have the time to use their fancier sights like when in the range?

I find some models more accurate than others, for reasons not necessarily due to the better sights. Weight, length, width, recoil, feel, grip, practice.

I use lots of accessories, but I still prefer factory or iron sights, also ended up saving a few bucks.

Of course hunting with a rifle, upgraded sights to me — very helpful.

Very often, “Fancier” sights are faster, which is a big part of why they are chosen.

But that really depends on, well, all the variables.

A lot of the aftermarket sights feature brighter, more visible front sights with speed being the reason those are used.