Support Feds approving medical Marijuana!

Hey ya all.

1st off, I will not knowingly break a law.

2nd, I’ve suffered from pain in my R hand since July 2001,after this happened in line of duty in USAF:

Although I have a medicine pump that intrathecally delivers less than 1mg of morphine solution to C7, continuously, I still experience horrendous pain at times.

I just saw that Morgan Freeman partakes for pain in his hand from fibromyalgia, which is very similar to the RSD- Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy that plagues me.

Its my opinion that as long as a person doesn’t use it while actually carrying, the law should have no problem with people like me getting a MM card, but we know presently they do.

So please folks, if you get a chance to support medical marijuana being approved at the fed level and not interfering with gun ownership or carry (while not in process of using it), please do support it. I’d like a chance to live without so much pain but can’t even try right now bc I refuse to stop carrying & wont break the law…

The current restriction on medical marijuana is as good as me not being able to legally purchase alcohol because I drive, as if I’m gonna grab a bottle of bourbon and head out to pickup kids from school. Ludicrous


I know little of “Medical MJ” but I am given to understand that CBD is something that provides the healing/pain relief effects noted by some without the metabolite of THC. In the drug test world you are not tested for MJ you are tested for what the body does (metabolite) with THC. Again, as I understand it CBD does not convert into the tested metabolite.

On the MM card, I know of ZERO physician’s that are for you burning something and inhaling it as a form of medicine.

The dirty little secret to why MM will not be legalized is that they can’t tell if you smoked 10 min ago or 20 days ago as the metabolite is in your fat cells and take 20+ DAYS to excrete. In other words there is NO way to determine if you are CURRENTLY UNDER THE INFLUENCE or if you smoked a bone last week (or last month). ETOH on the other hand they have figured out. In other words it’s not defensible in a court of law.

If they ever crack that egg MM will be on the street the next day and recreational use will fall under the same rules as ETOH. That said there is the whole 40CFR thing that will have to be modified and then there is the military and other Federal workers.

I’m not being insensitive to your pain and your issues, I get it for a host of other issues that if treated would result in possible loss of carry, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Sleeplessness, just normal stuff that happen in life. I have always said let the liberals be told they were now forbidden to own a gun because of their Xanax prescription or Lunesta, or pick a psychotropic drug which of course corresponds to a code in the DSM-IV and you would never hear the end of it especially if it came with the loss of driving privileges. (Can’t own a gun, Can’t drive a car, Can’t vote, …) This is another reason to fear centralized healthcare. I could go on as I have thought this one out.




I agree with you and support you. I know the issues with chronic pain and that medicinal MJ works better than CBD for treating major pain. It shouldn’t be illegal anymore as a lot of the science says so. Chronic pain is no joke and exhausting at times depending on the flair up. In my opinion medicinally it should be legal and should be recreationally legalised similar to alcohol. But as you said it is against the law and like you I will not break the law. So I will take my prescribed pain killers and nerve blockers in place of smoking and losing my right to carry. I support you and I think you should look at organizations like NORML (National Organization for Reformation of Marijuana Laws) they are like the FPC and NAGR of the mj laws

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Thank you and I will v-neck out those groups.[quote=“Craig6, post:2, topic:44863”]
they can’t tell if you smoked 10 min ago or 20 days ago as the metabolite is in your fat cells and take 20+ DAYS to excrete. In other words there is NO way to determine if you are CURRENTLY UNDER THE INFLUENCE or if you smoked a

A field sobriety test should cover that though. Plus, if there’s weed and a gun in ones vehicle at same time, it should incur a charge. Being stoned and carrying a firearm don’t go together…this stuff can all be worked around if enough ppl raise hell about it.


The field sobriety test can only check if your are currently impaired. THC stays in your urine system up to 2 weeks and almost 30 days in blood. Those tests are dependent upon how much you smoke on a regular basis.

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My MJ (ETF) and ACB (stock) investments could sure use a boost right now! :+1:

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CURRENTLY UNDER THE INFLUENCE or if you smoked a bone last week (or last month)

This means something totally different where im from made me lol

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Right, so if one passes yet still has a little THC in their system, they’re still good to drive I’d think. To compare, I can safely operate a car after a pint o Guinness, and pass sobriety test. After 3 or more, could do neither. And can’t imagine y anyone would care if I passed with a BAC that barely registers.

Or, compare to opoid pain pills at 2 vicodin every 4, or 2 percocet 10’s every 6. 2 vicodin, one could drive. 2 Percocet 10, nope.

Point is, its relative to an individual as to how they’re affected, so measure effects…if LE feels more testing needs done, call ems for ride to hospital.

At any rate, if marijuana is legal in x number of states for medicinal use, yet interferes with CHL, that seems contradictory when there’s much stronger meds out there. Make THC equal to pharmaceutical options,remove CC restrictions. In the end, with all of these, including a firearm, it boils down to personal responsibility and liability for ones actions.

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Agreed. It all comes down to personal responsibility. I’m legally allowed to carry concealed in a bar. While I can do that it doesn’t mean I should drink while I’m there. Being a DD is sometimes good too.

But you’re right, there are much worse things out there that you’re allowed to do dangerous things on. Driving a car while medicated is dangerous but legal so long as you’re not doing reckless things.

In my opinion, if it can be treated and regulated like alcohol; don’t drive while under the influence, don’t carry while under the influence, don’t operate heavy machinery while under the influence, then it should be fine.

Term of the day is “Personal Responsibility”

Just like training once you purchase a firearm is your responsibility, so should your actions while under the influence of any mind altering chemical.



I concur, obviously. The wrench in the works on this is politicians. Enough folks complain, they may actually get off their a$$es n do something.

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