Marijuana and Carrying?

We’ve got a great series of blog articles about marijuana and carrying, you can read them each here:

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Cannabis and Firearms: The Choice Between Marijuana Use and Second Amendment Rights

Should smoking marijuana affect your right to own or carry a firearm?

  • If it’s illegal in your state and you smoke marijuana, you shouldn’t be able to own a gun
  • It shouldn’t affect your right to own or carry
  • You shouldn’t carry when you smoke (just like drinking and carrying)

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Does it matter if it’s legal in your state or not? Share your thoughts below

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Here it is legal to smoke. I have seen where a persons awareness is heightened and I have seen where a person is comatose, off to never, neverland! For some people the effects are different than others. Just like alcohol, some people are okay with some drinks and others are, well, I am not allowed to specify the actual words to describe them. I have seen mad drunks but, have you ever seen a mad stoner? As for smoking, I do not. That is my choice. As for drinking, I usually taste drinks or beers but I do not or I will not consume a 6 pack of beer. I would not drink a 6 pack of soda so, why would I drink a six pack of beer. Understand me, I brew beer, so, If I can find 8 oz. bottles I am golden.
Some people should just say NO and keep their lives under control.


I’ve always said “I would rather deal with someone high on marijuana than someone drunk from alcohol.”

Marijuana tends to chill people out. I’ve never heard of anyone being a “mean stoner”, yet “mean drunks” are frequently a thing.

That being said, inebriated is inebriated and that has a negative effect on judgement. Don’t drink/imbibe when carrying.


I’m on the fence when it comes to this issue.

However, one argument I read made me ponder… how comfortable are we to board public transport knowing the driver/pilot/operator is impaired?


We are all ultimately responsible for our own actions. If you were drunk, and involved in a shooting, would you be in hot water? The same with under the influence of marijuana.
That said, no, it should not affect ownership of a firearm. Especially medically prescribed. If someone takes prescription pain meds, and is involved in an auto accident, it is possible they could be charged with a crime. It would be between you and your physician if you can operate an automobile while taking those meds. But, the amount of ingredients in prescription medications is precise. Until medical marijuana is as precise, I would err on the side of not doing something that could land me a federal charge, like carrying a gun after using MM.


I wrote this for a post about prescription medications but it applies here.

Not a lawyer, not a Doctor but I played one on a submarine for a long time and I’m certified to conduct Urinalysis Drug Screenings. Here is the sticky wickit for medications and carry. Any medication you take can be tested for or tested for an effect. You need your cholesterol down they test your cholesterol levels. NOW those we will call good medications that help us but don’t cause any negative effects. Then you get into OTHER and BAD meds that affect your behavior, mood, level of consciousness and so forth. So lets say you broke your foot, they give you NORCO or something similar. If you are involved in a SD event and they test you you will “pop positive” for an opioid metabolite. Metabolites are what your body produces when you “metabolize” drugs and they can last from 3 to 30 days. A prosecution attorney “could” use that as evidence that you were “under the influence”. Similar to a Breath Alcohol Test (BAT) [which I am also certified to conduct]. The problem comes in that the metabolites stay in your body longer than the effect of the drug.

Since this is 420 day I will use MJ as an example and the glaring problem. If you smoke a joint on the first of the month and you are a MK1-Mod 0 middle age guy with a couple extra pounds the MJ metabolite can stay in your system for 20 - 30 days. If you are in a SD event on the 10th or 15th or 20th you may still be positive for the MJ metabolite. The issue now is that you have the metabolite in your system but the effects of partaking in it have been gone since 6 hours after you smoked. Are you still under the influence? Obviously no. HOWEVER that little FACT will be used by the prosecutor to your detriment just like your NORCO script.

By ALL means follow your doctors orders but if you read the warnings on the Rx label and it says “May cause drowsiness. Do not operate dangerous equipment” or some such do a little research then talk with your MD. If your worried he/she/it is anti 2A then fib a little and say you work around dangerous equipment, chainsaws, table saws, rotating machinery whatever. See if there is an alternative Rx.

The good news. The most common drug tests are for DOT CFR 40 rules (truckers rules) and they test for Pot (THC), Speed (AMP), Meth (mAMP), Coke (COC) and Opiates (OPI) some other check for Ecstasy(MDMA) and PCP. In legal drug terms you should only be worried about Opiates (Pain Killers) and Amphetamines if you have ADD/ADHD or similar. If you have nose surgery you will probably pop for Coke but it will be in your record and doesn’t last that long.

Be smart about your meds and read about them.




BeanCounter you are looking at it realistically very intelligently and very logical, I’m in agreement with you 100%, if you’re high and driving a car I wouldn’t ride with you.