Super deal on Walkers electronic hearing protection

Just a Public Service Announcement. I’m not associated with Midway in any way except for the facts that they get way too much of my money.

My favorite electronic muffs are on a crazy sale at Midway. $59 for the Walker’s Ultimate Quad Connect Electronic Earmuffs with Bluetooth (they will pair with your iPhone). Normally they are $179 and the MSRP is well over $200. Best price I’ve seen in a long time, only on the grey model, though I don’t think anyone cares. I have 3 pairs of these so I don’t need them and even with that I’m almost ready to order another set. I highly recommend them.

Anyway, just wanted to let folks know.


That is a great deal. I have the Walker Razor Patriot, and Silencer 2.0 earbuds. Awesome stuff!


I would have ordered this minute, but I’ll wait until I get my hands on untraceable gift cards!
Thanks, best price ever!


Thanks. Ear damage is no joke.