Subliminal News Reporting

“Classified documents have been discovered at the homes of former President Donald Trump , his vice president Mike Pence, and Biden.”

Taken straight out of a CNN on line article. Notice who’s names are bold and whos are not.


Most of the “subliminal” trickery is much more sophisticated than that, and a lot harder to spot. Take for example a news article that headlines as a conservative interest story where the left is being “called out” or so you think, Then you read it. After reading it, you realize two things, one, you never did see the zinger you were promised and two, you realize you did have to read through, word for word, all of the lefts talking points on the subject as the article supposedly set the backstory for you… that’s why I no longer use at least one particular “conservative” news provider any more. I won’t even get into the articles that generate false outrage , unless, you read ALLLLL the way to the VERY end of the article where you realize - hey wait a minute, that’s not as bad as the headline made out!

It’s truly sickening the point we have reached with all this.


Given the statement “there is no such thing as negative publicity “ IDN what to make of it.


Lot’s of DISCOVERIES happening EVERYWHERE lately since the GOLD RUSH. From classified documents, materials, information, mysterious balloons being BLOWN BY THE WIND OVER OUR classified arsenal. Looks like we’re missing out on the TREASURE HUNT! Can’t EVEN win the LOTTERY! What a GREAT COUNTRY we live in. :smiley:

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Been going on a long time. I remember during desert Storm CNN I think it was open their program about the war with a sinister looking spider web on the screen. And 15 seconds later I switched to Fox News and went from losing the war to winning the war in that 15 seconds.


Happy Anniversary brother @Ronald150 :+1: :+1: