Stupid question of our times…

We are all aware of what “disparity of force” means and how it can affect the outcome in a self defense situation. Now we are headed to the courtroom with a jury of our brainwashed “peers”.

For arguments sake.
I’m male 5’4” and an athletic 165 pounds and my attacker is 6’3” 275 pounds! Sounds like a clear case for “disparity of force”.
However, in our ever changing world in which we live in, the attacker identifies as a woman :question:What if the victim is female?

How will today’s jury look upon the new science! I’m a man, “she’s a woman”. Is it still considered disparity of force?

How will a jury be selected or deselected. As a juror I’ll be tossed for cause!


I think what it boils down to is, can you convince the jury that you were in fear of your life or grave bodily harm? If the DA thinks he can convince a jury that you weren’t then he will go to court.


At the martial arts gym I go to there are some women there that are about half my size but have significantly more training. They could easily mop the floor with me if they wanted. Size and biological sex are factors to consider but a small woman can easily seriously harm a larger man by using either force of will (especially if enhanced by rage, adrenaline, chemical substances, weapons, etc.), skill or a little luck.

Since anyone can use whatever pronouns and adjectives they choose these days I would say that identifying words are completely irrelevant in a self defense situation. The media might be able to play games with their audience to paint a defender in a bad light but a good lawyer will make sure the jury sees the disparities and other factors that truly counted.


The same reasonableness standard as has been. Or whatever the same standard has been.


Standards are changing like never before.
How can there be “reasonableness” if judges can’t define what a woman is and gender reassignment is the word of the decade?

@Shamrock has it just about right, until we get to mass media, who now holds an incredible amount of sway, or is it “say”?

Either way it’s a conundrum for courts and juries!


Or we could be dealing with the theoretical Alvin Bragg Ham Sandwich!
Things have changed so much, we have to prove our “innocence”.


I don’t think those things are necessary or relevant to whether or not you reasonably feared imminent serious bodily harm or death. I just don’t see it as something to worry about


Yeah, you meanie hitting a woman… Didn’t your momma raise you right? :sunglasses:


You’re working too hard at this. Just identify as a victim. What could they counter with? They built the newspeak.


Well this may be tough but, just identify as a liberal politician. Then no charges would even be brought against you and the media would sweep it under the rug. :joy:


It’s tough, but I feel it working…