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It’s no secret that throughout the ages, women have been underestimated in their strength and determination. Even though females are just as clever and effective as men in countless ways, and even though history gives us many stories of brave women who beat the odds, when it comes to brute strength, women just do not have the same build or muscle mass. Pound for pound, our bodies are different. In fact, as Massad Ayoob explains in Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense, an unarmed man attacking a woman is considered a disparity of force since the unarmed but physically tougher man is easily able to inflict great bodily harm — or even death — on an unarmed woman.

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Love: I know that may seem odd but hear me out. A warrior without a higher calling may not make the big sacrifice or find the will to persevere when the situation goes south. Mercenaries have a rep: They pull out when the reward is not worth the risk. When defending someone or something greater than ourselves, a love we hold dear, we become righteous in our resolve and truly a threat to our oppressor. In a sense we win simply by being true to our oaths and what is an oath without the love of honor?