Multiple attacker defence law

I believe that we should prepare our laws to defend our rights to defend our self from multiple attackers.
Our woke judges will not consider it, and we cannot trust our jury’s who are selected on their willingness to convict.


Is there a particular state’s laws you are looking at that you’d like to be changed?

These kinds of laws tend to be written generally, out of necessity, phrases like “reasonable belief” or “imminent threat of ___” etc have scenarios like multiple attackers baked in.

It would be difficult, I think, if not bad, to try to explicitly cover scenarios in which lethal force is justified in self defense because then, as you start listing specific scenarios, scenarios not listed might be seen as not being allowed when they should be


Our self defense laws already do cover the situation. It is called a disparity of force case. Search the web for videos by Branca and Ayoob on “disparity of force” and you will see some meaningful explanations. The topic is also covered in Branca’s Law of Self Defense book.