Strangers can lie on you and somehow suspend my CCLwith petition for no contact

It still blows my mind that the Police can show up at 12am on a Sunday treating you like a criminal and telling líes to your face; yet refuse to speak anything about any alleged crime that you were accused of. Only that someone accused me of filming their dog off a leash while they were on their porch. I did film a dog off leash as I walked it to it’s home but this dog I didn’t have to récord as I seen the owner on the porch before I hit récord. This cop lied and said I was on video and he could see the light on the back of my phone indicating I was recording. (I checked and there is no such light that comes on)So, I say good I will get my phone and we will clear this up. However, no video was there other than the one I had told them about. He suggested I had deleted it already so I opened up my trash folder to show it was empty. The cops shouts, “oh, you just deleted it!”

I say, “what are you talking about,? Why would I delete videos in front of your face when I have no reason to? If I had a video, it would be evidence to them commiting a crime, why would i delete it?”

So, the cop says he “seen it with his own eyes, you can’t convince me it didn"t happen.”

The other cop says"just don’t do it again"

I say, “do what again? What is illegal about what I did? Isn’t the law to have your dog on a leash?”

They drove away without a reply.

   The next day I call the cops to ask what their deal was and complain about how the officer handled the situation.  I wan't very confident that this officer was able to present my side of the story as he was a young guy telling lies.  Dishonesty leads to more trouble.  You can't expect to be on the side of justice if you believe you have the right to lie to someone and expect them to tell you the truth  They tell me I have to wait till Wednesday when the officer I spoke to will be on duty.  So, thinking this is just some simple misunderstanding and (imo) I am the most reasonable person I know.  Surely, I can resolve such a simple conflict as this by telling the complaintant my story and show them the video of the event with the other dog within 5 minutes of seeing their dog off leash.  I rang the doorbell twice in 20 seconds and left when they didn't answer me.  12 hours later the police come by and say if I step foot on their properly it will be tresspassing.  The day after that I was served with a petition for a "no contact" order of protection.  My foid/ccl has been temporarily suspended until I work this out.  Keep in mind this is a complete stranger.  I have no idea what these people look like,  nor anything about them other than they breed great danes and rabbits.  I only learned there name because its on the paperwork.  They said all kind of wild crazy things on the report.  The story is very unbelievable and I don't expect this petition to be granted.  However,  I do fear what their intentions are, and if they are trying to set up a way to hurt me and use the order to make it look like self defense.  That's why I am writing this.  If they do take my life I want everyone to KNOW that the report is an absolute pack of lies. I had a very hard time believing she said a single true statement in the report she filed against me.  I am not a dangerous person.  In fact, I absolutely, try to be the opposite of danger. I WOULD NEVER SHOOT A DOG FOR "LOOKING AT ME WITHOUT IT EVEN LEAVING THE YARD"   

Anyone who knows me also knows such a statement is absolutely proposterous.  I did shoot their great dane with an airgun in absolute fear as it ran my dogs and I down in the middle of the street off leash with no word from their owner to even look out for it.  This happened over 2 years ago.  The only words we ever spoken was when she screamed for shooting her dog as if were a real gun; the neighbor said call the cops I have it all on camera    I said it was just an airgun and asked that if they really thought a dog could be shot by a firearm and not even yelp or cry out in pain.  I thought that was the end of it, until a year or so later when the "witness" to the incident moved out.  I got a complaint that I walked around the neighborhood with a firearm on my hip.  I told the cop my ccl instructor said that it was legal to carry my airgun that way.  So, I asked the cop if I could conceal carry the airgun and he told me he would "prefer" I just use my concealed carry firearm.   So, right after this, their dog jumps their fence and comes after us.  With nothing non-lethal to defend myself, I seen bandages on its cropped ears and hesitated as this was a different younger dog.  I didn't have the heart to hurt it, so it got past me and started fighting with my dogs.  I picked it up off my dog with my bare hands risking a bite to the face.  Yelled to get on out of here!  When I got back home I filed a complaint with animal control.  They never complained one time that I had hurt their dog.   They say I shot 2 of their dogs.  They say the bullets/pellets are still under its skin.  I sure hope they are lying about that part as well.  I could not imagine thinking my dog was shot with a firearm, but you don't see a vet or call the police.   You wait over 2 years until you catch him, on your Ring* camera, driving by with his phone in his hand and decide to just make up a bunch of stories to the cops to make him sound dangerous.

I get that there are crazy people in this world that think they are entitled to live by their own set of selfish rules.   I am not even angry with these people.  My spirituality teaches me to love thy neighbor, and to love those who consider me their enemy.  I've come to find its much easier to do than you would think.  At least, to me,  I find that choosing Love over Hate makes everything easier.  So, these people, even if they do take my life, i want them to know that if they truly repent, and if my God forgives you; so I will I.  However, if you truly want to atone, you will need to confess to your lies, deceit, and any evil intentions to the aurhorities.  I ask that you also take up this cause to rid the Police of dishonesty.  To make efforts to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.  The Police should be a bridge between 2 neighbors helping to solve disputes; not a battering ram to beat each other with.  Most certainly, they are not a weapon to wield against your enemies.

Moreover, I will be looking for lawyers to fight the good fight with me, because I don't the cops to be able to say untrue things so casually as if it is nothing to sacrifice your integrity however justified they feel.  It's proven to be more harmful than helpful as one ought to expect.  It gets people to start to question their own memory.  I just can't get over how bad of job this cop did.   I gave him enough information to resoñve a simple misunderstanding, instead she claims the cop told her I admitted everything and deleted multiple videos off my phone.   If i had known they were claiming to be scared of me or that I was "dangerous," I would never had gone over the next day and rang their doorbell.  I feel like this cop has put my life in jeapordy.  So, if i get killed, i just ask that someone take up my cause against this injustice.  Let my case take on the cops ability to telllies period.  Or, at least, save lies for interrogations.  You don't expect to be lies to on  your own porch.   In addition,  i feel like when someone files an order of protection, it should have some actual evidence of a crime and not just say that they do without any further verification.   A reasonable person would not find her story credible.  Furthermore, when cops serve a no contact order, they should provide a picture of the people you are ordered to stay away from, especially when they explain these peopleare strangers.  The cop said I would see them in court.  So, for 2 weeks I have to avoid complete strangers.   When I walk my dogs now I notice a car slow down and roll their window down.  They practically stop in the middle of the street when they get to me.    I was afraid to even look at this person.   It's a very stressful thing.   It's distracting me from getting anything productive done.   I know this can't be a legal thing you should be able to do to somebody.