Store Your Gun in Your Vehicle

Thanks for posting about this safe. I had not heard about it before. After doing some research, I bought an XX and will use it to store my Sig Sauer p320 9 mm XF and attachments.

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I’ve got the same console vault in my 4 Runner and love it. I just changed the key lock to a 4 digit combo lock because it took too long to dig the key out of my pocket. An easy retrofit. A well made safe for in vehicle use.


Welcome to the family brother and you are in the right place at the right time.

Thanks for posting this. It was more than $19.00, but I remembered your post and bought one for an out of town trip last week. My wife’s car has solid tie downs inside the trunk that worked perfect - out of sight plus anchored. A prepared thief with bolt cutters could cut the cable and deal with opening it later, but definitely a reasonable deterrent. :+1:

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Me as well. Love it in my 4 Runner.

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