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We have told you time and again to shoot until the threat stops. STOP. THE. THREAT. In this video, you see a knife-wielding attacker charging at a police officer and getting shot six times for his efforts. The attacker went down, only to get back up and charge the officer again. This time, the officer, for whatever reason, chose not to shoot, and the attacker was able to get on top of the cop and apply a rear naked choke, putting the knife to the cop’s neck. What we didn’t show was the other officer taking a “hostage shot” to stop the threat and end the danger.

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This is so huge it bears repeating:

Remember, you may use deadly force to stop an imminent deadly threat. If you use force and the threat stops, you must stop using force. But if the threat returns, you may once again use force to stop the threat. You don’t know what damage your rounds will do to an attacker. Keep shooting until the threat stops. Then move to a position of tactical advantage and, if the threat returns, shoot again until it stops.

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I agree 100%. You shoot until the threat is stopped. And when I took my CCW class we were told that if we did have to use our firearm for defense that we were allowed to keep shooting BUT ONLY UNTIL THE THREAT WAS STOPPED OR GONE. Then we had to stop shooting. And we were also told that if we kept shooting AFTER THE THREAT WAS STOPPED OR GONE that we could be in trouble with the law and charged with a crime for still shooting when the threat was stopped or gone.


Yes when the threat stops, stop shooting however keep the threat covered until police arrives, just in case the threat reappears.
Keep you distance from the threat and don’t try to give medical assistance because the threat may reappear while you providing that assistance. That is the job of EMTs once the PD has the threat in cuffs.

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I would have continued shooting at the man with the knife until he stopped his attack if it was me. He is an imminent deadly threat. But I got a good question for you. On March 26, 2017 there was stabbing that occurred on a packed light rail in Portland, Oregon. 3 people were stabbed in the neck for trying to stop a mentally ill madman from going on a racial rant against Muslim women wearing hijabs. 2 died, 1 survived. Train was completely full. How would you stop a guy like this if you obviously can’t use a firearm? Exits were open on the train when this attack was occurring but he was a threat to anybody that got in his way. What would you do? I worry about this because I ride public transportation to work.

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I recently purchased a rubber training knife off of Amazon for about $5 and it is one of the best self defense training purchases I have ever made. Not only am I able to practice the tueller drill in a controlled environment using a rubber training pistol perfecting my drawing technique, timing, and getting off the x. But I can also practice disarming techniques and learning how to keep myself safe if I am unarmed. BTW this also makes excellent training if you have a SIRT pistol because you can also practice malfunction clearing and speed reloads too. A real life scenario involving an attacker armed with a real knife won’t give any second chances.

A good video to watch on you-tube is Instructor Zero and Doug Marcaida trying different ways to avoid the blade.

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I’ll have to check that out thanks man. I’m glad I’m practicing and training for this stuff. It is really important to learn how to protect yourself against a blade in situations where a person can’t be armed. I see more and more news stories about attacks by people using knives. It’s really scary but good defensive skills to know. The 2017 MAX murder trial of Jeremy Christian really got me thinking if I was ever in a situation like that, “gosh what would I do.”

And the thing that makes a knife attack so scary is that there is realistically no part of the weapon to grab onto. Unless grabbing the attacker by the wrist to disarm the subject one cannot expect to get out of the attack without getting cut or stabbed.

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One of the best I have seen on u-tube is a young woman who was unarmed and her X had a 3" blade. She sat down and went on her back and kept kicking at him with both feet, he couldn’t get to her and she ended up with superficial cuts and stab wounds, the people around her finally drove him off.

Jeremy Christian was found guilty for all 12 counts by a unanimous court decision for his actions between March 25th-26th, 2017. His claim for self defense was dismissed because he broke a cardinal rule. He was not an innocent party on the MAX before he stabbed those 3 men.

The thing that is so scary about a knife attack from what I have been reading in the book “Deadly Force” by Massad Ayoob which is a great read about when deadly force is justifiable during a violent attack says that the length of the blade can do double the damage when it is used to stab somebody. For example a 2 inch blade can penetrate 4 inches into the human body and a 4 inch blade 8 inches.

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If you have to use deadly force , then you are in a life or death situation. That means you don’t stop shooting until your assailant is no longer alive. Remember the hit man’s credo “The last two rounds go thru the head, that way you know your target is dead.” The next step is contacting a good attorney because you have committed a homicide. Whether it is a legal homicide (ie: self defense) or illegal homicide (ie: intentional murder) will be determined by the police or by trail.

You must stop shooting if the attacker stops attacking. If you continue to shoot after the attacker stops you are now the attacker. If that attacker dies from your continued shooting you can definitely be charged with and convicted of murder.

Please be careful what you say on social media as it can be used against you in court.

If I feel my life is in danger , the I can use lethal force to end the threat. Of course Texas has a different attitude about self defense than does California or New York,