Stop the Threat with a firearm without Death?

After a rather ridiculous conversation with an Anti Gun Advocate (See That I can be kind) about shoot to wound instead of shoot to stop a threat. I found myself reflecting on the conversation and I had to ask:

Can a person Shoot an Attacker with a firearm and 100% guarantee that the injuries Do Not Result in Death? Is there a proven technique for shooting another human being in a manner that they will not under any circumstance, die?
In my conversation I heard a LOT about shoot in the leg or arm. Use a different kind of non lethal ammo.
I just can’t come up with amethod that is guaranteed not to end in death.


Too many variables. Think simply about a blood thinner. Shooter could never know. Act on what you know…which is usually trying to not be killed by a baddie.


Let’s net this out. Most folks, in real life, shot with a handgun survive the shooting. Certain death is a movie invention, same as folks dying immediately when you throw a knife at them, or instant death from some Indian shooting you with an arrow. All of these things are absolute Hollywood BS.

Death is absolutely incidental as a byproduct of shooting an attacker to stop a threat. And when it happens it’s because of the actions of the aggressor. It is NOT the defenders concern to try to assure ANY outcome other than a cessation of the activity that caused you to use the weapon to defend yourself.

Concern for the well being or state of health after the shooting is a non-issue. And LEGALLY a really bad topic. Ask any good Criminal Defense Attorney.


And where exactly would anyone “shoot to wound” on purpose? No one is that good.


I agree with @Enzo_T Bleed out takes time!

Try to miss an artery? Shoot them in the fingers or toes?


In the keister. :rofl:


There is not.

I’d say something about blanks, but, that isn’t “shooting the attacker”, as that seems to require a projectile, discharged by a “firearm”, hits the attacker.

There is no 100% guarantee a person shot with a firearm will not die. There is also no 100% guarantee a person shot with a firearm will stop their attack immediately.

Few things are guaranteed in life.

People who would even bring up “shoot to wound” have simply shown their ignorance on the topic…educate them as best you can/as much as they are willing to accept it.

And ‘less lethal’ ammo is pretty unreliable at stopping determined attackers, especially out of a handgun.


100% agree. I had to have the “but, with as much training as you have, can’t you just shoot them in the leg?!?” conversation a few days ago. In what part of the leg? if you shoot them in the thigh and sever the femoral, they are pretty much still a goner unless they are in the ER parking lot. The world is not the movies and no one i know is john wick lol


depending on the round, if you shatter the pelvis they are still pretty much dead. there are a crazy amount of major blood vessels in the pelvic girdle. If you just shoot them in the flesh of the outer butt cheek then you have not stopped the threat AND you just shot them from behind. neither are going to work out for you in the end.


I know, it was a joke. :rofl:


oh, i know you were joking, but the number of people that have honestly asked me that question is mind boggling lol


Stop the threat. The only thing that matters.

Sucks to ponder about not hurting an attacker when they won’t have second thoughts about harming me and mine.

My first CCW instructor said something that stayed with me, that of becoming an outcast if I survived an attack, through no fault of my own, and ended up causing the death of another.
I often wonder, being surrounded by “woke” folks, what would I say when asked,
“How does it feel to kill someone?”

I’m sure it would feel good to be alive, beats the alternative.


“I’m not being carried by 6”


there is a crazy video of a store being robbed a few years back where the guard puts a .357 round through the guys neck. He is literally gysering blood in arterial spray 6 feet across the room. Still proceeds to kill the guard after the guards revolver went dry. Perp died of the wound, but it did not save the guards life. its pretty wild how long the guy continues to fight before blood loss finally puts him on the floor.


not the one im looking for but this is another good example



NOPE! The Keister, is where some bad guys Brains are, INSTANT DEATH !
But I found a HEAD SHOT to be pretty FATAL—once again that is taking into consideration these
people have any brains, And with them being the aggressor that whole Theory is probably out the window.



That’s really all I can say. Is, wow.

If that isn’t an illustration of a “failure to stop” and why a CNS disabling hit is the only sure way…nothing else.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen video clearly showing that much blood loss, and still trying to kill someone.

Maybe it being on white tile and all the moving around spreading it makes it look like more than some others where it’s a singular pool…IDK man that’s a lot to lose and keep going


He wouldn’t feel shi…oh never mind🤣


How did you get that tape of me man? :crazy_face:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The Red trail of death! Follow like a Deer!
and WHY WHY WHY do they HAVE to go into the revolving doors?
Think of the poor Maintenance guys/Gals who have to clean that sh** !
the Carotid of death… Good Job.

I am NOT Violent, I’m blood thirsty… there’s a difference!


That was pretty impressive how long that baddy took to finally drop after his pool got drained.