Stop and rob locked doors


You just never know how a person is going to react while looking down the barrel of a gun.


Here we have criminals willing to murder over $4. Granted the dumbass shouldn’t have locked the doors. Still doesn’t justify the crooks killing over $4 and a locked door. What was that about shooting a crook over a bag of chips……


There is so much more to the story. That clerk…

Truly f*cking evil.

The clerk locked everyone in over a donut. The customers tried to pay for the shooter, the clerk wouldn’t take their money and the shooter shot all of them but the clerk (who was safe in his bulletproof box). Finally unlocked the door and the shooter got in a car that his Mother was driving.

So much more.

Gas Station did not have a business license.


Still how does that make it acceptable to shoot the customers. The clerk was a dumbass while the crooks are evil as hell. Knowing that you’re trapped makes it okay to shoot others?


Clearly the thug was evil. But intentionally trapping innocent bystanders in a room with an armed and dangerous individual is way up there on the evil meter as well. Especially over an attempt to save $4! And even more especially since the trapped victims offered to pay their captor that $4 so they could get to safety!

Cornering a dangerous animal and giving them no way out is as stupid a thing as a person can do. But intentionally feeding innocent victims to that dangerous animal goes way beyond stupid.


The heck. It doesn’t make it acceptable. Did you miss…

The shooter threatened to shoot everyone one in the store if the clerk didn’t unlock the door. The other 3 customers tried to pay for the donut but the clerk who was safe in his bulletproof box said no and the guy shot everyone. After the shooter shot everyone, the clerk got scared and unlocked the door letting the shooter go.


This was f’ed up all the way around. The point still stands whether or not the clerk didn’t let the crooks out. Crooks taking innocent lives over $4 is wrong. Stealing is wrong! The clerk more than likely had brain freeze and didn’t know what to do.

To me it doesn’t matter that other customers tried to pay. The crooks didn’t want to go to jail and taking innocent lives was worth it to see if they could get out. What part of that am I missing that justifies killing innocent civilians?

No, the clerk did not have brain freeze. The Clerk is being charged with man slaughter as well. The clerk did it intentionally.

If the clerk is an employee, he was most likely following company policy. My Ex works in a couple Stop n Robs in the Greater San Antonia area and they have STUPID rules concerning situations like this. The one to be charged with Involuntary Man Slaughter should be the one who wrote the rules.


You’re a mind reader now? It was F’ed up all the way around. Still murdering ppl to scare or force another to open a door is super F’ed up. I don’t know what skin the clerk had in the game if any. But murdering to get a door open is f’ed up and worse than locking it to begin with.

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Are you serious? I said truly f*cking evil.

The shooter was evil

the clerk was even more evil.

That clerk got 3 people killed over a donut. A donut. That 3 people offered to pay for. That the clerk decided it was more important to lock the shooter in for, with 3 innocent victims that got shot because the shooter decided a donut was worth more than the 3 of themselves lives, and the clerk thought it was worth 3 lives as well.

I said there was more to the story than just the shooter killing 3 people.


I don’t know. It could just be my training as a guard when I worked the control center. No body got out the front door without showing ID. Even if inmates had the warden captive and a knife to his throat.

Not to my thinking. The robbers didn’t have to shoot the other customers! Wow, I can’t believe I have to say that.


The clerk is not a prison guard. There is no duty on a gas station employees part to incarcerate and turn 3 innocent civilians into hostages because of a donut.

Maybe go investigate the story, like I did.


Maybe we just have a difference of opinions and we should let it be at that.


There is more to the story. The clerk turned it into a pissing match and had 0 risk because he was in a bulletproof cage, the 3 who got shot were shot by the shooter, and would have not gotten shot if the clerk had not locked them in.

The shooter is f*cked in the head.

The clerk is f*cked in the head.


This I can agree with


Maybe it’s my background but, why didn’t anyone attack the guy with the gun? Full Beer Cans fast ball style would be a great start…


As a protector (body man, Personal Security) or as a Guard (Security) Your first priority is to your people, your second is to the Innocents out there in the world. There is ‘discernment’ you need to have. And as ALL of you know when you ‘carry’ i.e: When to shoot, when NOT to shoot and if you take it a step further : When to brandish When NOT to brandish. There is also common sense: When to let a thief go and when not to let a crime pass. Your job after all is to keep order or protect assets but for a $4 donut? Please.
I wasn’t there obviously but common sense (which seems to be a rare commodity these days), if you TRAP/Corner a .wild animal they are going to fight. And when a situation escalates to violence it’s already too late.
First question that pops into my mind is What is the ‘appropriate’ response/amount of force?
Company policy falls to the bottom of that list when it’s this sh-- stupid. The clerk didn’t know the thief was armed but Innocents could be hurt by locking Innocents in with the wild animal. He didn’t need a firearm, the perp could have beat somebody to death. Common sense (for me) say’s let him go screw the cost of the donut (I’d pay for the damn donut out of my own pocket for pity’s sake!), And if some innocents were willing to pay for the damn donut it’s a no brainer. if I get fired oh well, not like I would make a career out of being a convivence clerk. As a customer I would think uh oh! This is turning into a sh-- sandwich I better do something before I become a statistic. I made a mistake just the other day helping someone who was clearly suspect but I had my head up my posterior and was in a good mood and my situational awareness was out to lunch. A beer can in this instance ( as Mike said) is an excellent choice. Locking that door caused escalation of a petty crime to murder. Did he freeze? Was he scared? Was he a candidate for Mensa?(probably not) but yes to the first two. He made a truly bad decision that cost people their lives . and he will have to live with that (poor Bas—d). That to me is one of the major problems we have today with the crappy educational system and crappy upbringing we are offering our kids today. They come out of school (if they even went to school) unprepared for the work world. Unable to make a decision (and if it’s a snap decision forget about it) unless they look to their phones for guidance. You tell a kid ‘Don’t let ANYBODY steal anything’ and that’s what this clerk did. he followed orders. To his credit bravo on that but that decision had consequences .As MOST decisions do!
You people are some of the sharpest knives in the drawer and it’s easy to take either side of this tragic story but WE have age, experience and a brain to make better snap decisions than this poor guy had. The fact that he was in a protected booth and Innocents were out in the open was truly a bad call. Let the crazed donut lover go. The clerk wasn’t evil he was inexperienced/stupid. As I said he made a bad call. Sometimes in life you get into a situation and your decision can be a life or death decision. Even the simplest of jobs can have fatal consequences as proven here. If you flip somebody the bird because they cut you off, man that’s just a quick reaction you may never have done it before in your life! But that one time was the wrong time and the idiot had a gun and shot you or your passenger (or kids). You didn’t mean it but it happens. This clerk didn’t mean it. It probably never entered his mind this could escalate to extreme violence but these days it doesn’t take much.