Springfield Armory’s 911 Alpha Micro .380 | USCCA

Springfield Armory continues to deliver innovative and well-thought-out defensive, target and sporting handguns. And there’s a strong emphasis on 1911-type pistols as a major component of its lineup. The new 911 pistol series is Springfield’s latest take on a timeless design.

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I bought a 911,380 it’s a great backup weapon,shoots great,came with two Magazines,great pocket pistol,of course with a pocket holster👍My mom is going to get one as well,she’s 81 and has had her ccw for many years,have a great life


Looks good for sure and may have to go check it out once this stay at home silliness is over.
Currently have a S&W .380 with laser, but the handle is quite small even with the pinky extender mag. It fits the wife quite well though so it’s still a keeper, as is she !! :slight_smile:


I also own the acp 911 .380 pistol and far as compact pistols im in​:heartbeat:with this particular fire arm it’s definitely more concealable than my lcp9s ruger compact pistol great job springfield armory​:smiley::+1:!!!


I have the same 380 and love it,great pocket gun with pocket holster :+1:

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