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*Excerpt from “Reducing Criminal Curb Appeal” by Scott W. Wagner

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How are you fortifying your home during this time when a lot of us are sheltered in place?

Beefing up home security isnt that hard if you have simple tools on hand. Replace the strike plate screws on your door with 3" drywall screws, make it harder for people to gain access to windows, simple steps

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Great information. My landlord doesn’t allow a dog but I feel that security system sirens are just as shocking to a burglar as a big dog’s bark is.

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I have the bump outs on my windows that only allow them to open 3" when the bump outs are out. I can push them in and open my windows all of the way. I LOVE those bump outs in the middle of summer :slight_smile:

Do you use any sort of brace to keep sliding windows or doors closed, @Hunter4?

I live in apt. My door have bolt lock which I am happy. I keep my handgun inside holster under my mattress. My neighborhood is not bad. But I am still keep my eye on or around the apt just in case because of shut down.

Sorry for the late reply but I’m still on the short side of the learning curve of how this works. For what it’s worth…we reinforced our front door that already has a deadbolt by adding a ring doorbell and a door bull to reinforce the frame, a two-by-four and brackets on the exterior side garage door (the roll up door has a lever lock on the frame), 105 DB door sirens at both rear french doors, and we have window bumps on every window.

We also have a retired CHP across the street with exterior cameras and our neighbor adjacent to us is always home and on the watch.

Thank you USCCA for some of those suggestions that were used in this project.

Forgot to mention we have outside lighting covering 360°, no landscaping covering access or visual points and a couple lights indoors on the timer.

We always keep the blinds shut after the sun goes down, and everybody knows not to answer the door unless they know who it is.