Door reinforcement

What are tips on door reinforcement. It’s crucial to slow down anyone breaking in, BUT I also have multiple entrances to my home and I need to be practical so I don’t lock myself out of my house on accident (sounds silly, but it’a a reality :joy:).

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I have these on all exterior doors. Only locked from the inside and high enough kids can’t accidentally lock them. Not sure how effective they’d be against a motivated person but your average Joe won’t get by them

FYI some sanding may be required for clearance. One needed it the other two were fine.


You lock them all at night?

Just to get things rolling. Prefer solid core doors double lock Door handle and a dead bolt…don’t buy cheap. Any windows or glass cover with metal bars. Be sure hinges are not accessible from outside. Key all doors and locks to one key. If you have a gun safe in your vehicle… Keep extra house key in it locked. I do hide a key outside my house change up hiding spot…not an easy or likely spot either. Alternatively, go with electric locks with a combo. More expensive don’t forget combination. I don’t trust anything that is Bluetoothed or works with app on phone yet (hackable). Sliding doors need physical bar locks on them.

If you don’t have a Dog get one!


Yeah it’s easy to lock them you just shut them. To unlock you have to lift and pull out then move them over to open.(that sounds way more complicated then it is)

I feel between my deadbolt and this lock a person is going to have to either be very motivated or creative to get in.

I should also add opening this lock would not be an issue for an emergency egress. Just like anything do it enough times it become second nature.


All good. Add some long screws into the plates of your door frame. Cheap easy protection. & as stated a dog. Even a little yappy pos slipper dog is good for waking you…( sorry…for folks that like little dogs)


I pondered this same thing. I have re-enforced the door with good screws into the door jam and placed a larger plate on the door jam to spread out the force needed to get the door forced open. I have a second door to enter into the house after they work their way through the first one and it is re-enforced even more. The first door has an alarm on it as well as the second door. Besides the second door is a target with good target shots on it with 25 shots 25 feet and a Marine Corps emblem right beside it. They will be warned upon entry.


So I’d like to use these locks, BUT, I leave through the garage most days, which means I could easily forget to unlock it, and if the garage door opener runs out of battery, or I lend a key to someone, they won’t be able to get in.

I wonder if there is a way to strengthen the lock panel already being used.

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Possibly a stronger deadbolt.

And yes those locks do not work while you’re away. They can’t be locked from the outside of the door.

I have a deadbolt for while away. These are for peace of mind at night and to keep the littles inside during the day

Simplicity is a good quick start…

Bad guys are looking for a quick easy score…

Security stickers on doors and windows or yard signs are a very good deterrent. …

Doors are probably the weakest part of a home. Ideally you should reinforce the frame , you may be able to remove the inside trim and fit good hard wood boards in the cavities, and then use 4 inch screws through the hinges, and as stated earlier use solid corp doors. Any door window should be small and high. I like double cylinder deadbolts on doors that may have side glass. I’m looking at ballistic film for my sliding glass doors and basement windows. The banks in my town have gone to ballistic film on their large windows-- because it is cheaper than ballistic glass.

For most of us, these have to be done in steps… but we have to start someplace…


If things keep going the way they are going, because people are not stepping up, this will be my new front door

First, they are releasing all prisoners, locking people in their homes, and destroying livelihoods daily, then , “no joke” the demented one is coming for our guns!
Seriously if the door thing doesn’t work out. I’m definitely price shopping this baby, in silver of course

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Love the belt fed loophole

Try something like these.



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The neighborhood I live in, I"m not doing bars, etc.
I have 2 dobermans and a lab. If you don’t have a dog, that’s great advice.

I put this on the doors. Using 3 inch screws as well. IDK if it will help or not, but between the dogs and that, I should have enough time to prepare a welcome party.


The easy thing to do is to replace all the screws on your hinges, and locks with 3" long screws.

If your doors are solid core and you install something like this. They’ll need to saw your door to kick it in.


The weakest part of a door is the bolt side. Most frames are made of soft kiln dried pine. That needs to be reinforced first. You are correct in that the hinge screws should be long enough to reach the supporting stud by a good 2 inches.


You hit the nail on the head, no pun intended…

You can try to reinforce it, but as long as your primary structure is pine, particle board, and chalk/paper lining you will just have more toothpicks to clean up after a determined intruder.

I would focus on early warning and other deterrents. (I.e. motion detector turns all light on when they step on the porch, dogs, etc.)


You are correct. And things a simple as a yard sign or window stickers can cause a bad guy to move on.

CCTV cameras and recorders have gotten rather affordable these days. My network video recorder not only records but I can call it up on my phone, set alarms and other fun stuff. If I could rewire my house I could have it turn on lights an tvs by using triggers…

I remember back in Kansas when we could leave the house unlocked and go to Springfield to visit Grandma… Oh the good ole’ days.


What security company do you use?

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I was a locksmith for SEi (Security Equipment, inc), a large midwest regional company, for almost 20 years until cancer took me down.

I have had to do many rebuilds of doors after they had been violated.