Sorry wow for the ?/

wow sorry i ask a question, first time for everything. everyone i ever talked to and meet in the firearm community. been cool… and awesome… then theres always one idiot… in every group…


SO MUCH FOR DISPLAYING TOTAL CONCEALMENT ALL OVER THE COUNTER! You’re not specific about “restroom”. If it’s a single room, yeah, lock the door behind you and do as you like. If it’s Public with urinals and stalls, just do your thing in the stall. Don’t EVER display your concealed piece in a Public Restroom unless you are open carrying. Not very smart putting your wallet on the counter much less a gun.

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ok exactly what i was saying. no i wouldnt put on urnal, in a stall yes on the counter in a stall… didnt need a smart ass, thanks…wow stupid question for some…

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I carry IWB at 4:30, I just leave mine on my belt. When seated I just fold it into my pants.


Standing: zipper down, belt still buckled…not to get too graphic here. Keeps the AIWB right where it needs to be and no one else the wiser. Seated: held in the hand I’m not using.


Question is long, but I’m not real sure what it is…

In a public restroom (not being assaulted), I don’t ever take the gun out of the holster and I don’t ever take the holster off the belt. I carry IWB at about 2 o’clock.

To pee at a urinal or in a stall, it’s just not in the way. When I’m done, I make sure everything is properly organized before turning around or stepping out. Not an issue.

To sit in a stall, the holster, belt, and pants waistband just flop into my pants. Put things back together when I’m done.

Practice at home until it doesn’t seem awkward. If you carry at 12 o’clock — I don’t know what people do. If you’re asking about at home — I don’t ever lay a loaded gun down unholstered. I use holsters with clips, and I detach the whole thing if I need to take it off to lay down somewhere.

While I was writing, the question disappeared, @Robert1202. Anyway, here’s an answer. Stay calm. :wink:


yea i carry at 12:00… anyways thanks.i got it handled just wondered how other dealth with this…and yea i deleted the question…


Same. More like 3:30, but same. For many a year.

The only time I’ve had a gun out of a holster (or off the belt) in a public restroom was at an airport where I took my checked bag into the stall with me at my destination and armed up before getting into the local ground transportation and off to the city .