Soft on Crime, New York

Watch “Democrat’s Soft on Crime lead to More Violence, Not Law Abiding Citizens Case in Point NY!” on YouTube


Heart’s desire is to write a more peaceful concerns, but trouble is lurking about.

We all have the right to know, education, family, friends,
and much greater. Please stay safe and plan ahead of
everyday. This is only a request and there are people
that do care about other people.


You know what, screw it! Carry a damn machete! Can you Parry, Feint and lunge with a machete, I’m learning!
No worries, they’re going to steal another election!
The party of blood! The purge has begun in all states!
Watch your 6,7,9,12 etc. don’t let your loved ones out of your sight!


Been fighting over people their condemnation and
not being honest. The lying is constantly being thrown
In your face as a weapon and it hurts badly. I
took a stand for Constitution, the 2nd Amendment,
and I have done my best to be my best to train
With The USCCA, and they have some fantastic educational opportunities and trainings.

The best thing that anyone can do when challenged
by some hot head or someone that discourages us,
Please walk away. Things change in one’s life when you
start conceal/carry and train with a firearm. I have been
Trying to learn some gun laws an legal issues, USCCA
Has some great videos to watch.

I can change only me and it maybe painful at times, but I walk away and never feed the person that has a
Problem, not you or I,

Thank you


Sure, face to face we have the ability to de-escalate, however when they start turning off your electricity, there are no videos for that! There are no videos to stop the be-headings, or mass stabbings, or abductions. The level of chaos is beyond Navy SEAL S.E.R.E. Training, not even they can stop a bullet at an AutoZone when thug just opens fire!
Like they needed a bigger boat, we’re going to need better videos! The ones that are available are awesome in a normal world, we are way beyond normal! We have one last chance in November! If that fails for ANY reason, it may be time to switch sides! I know, that’s what they are praying for! In a fair fight, I’m ok with a loss. But throw in a cheat and like Lt. Col Jeff Cooper said…

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I feel the same way and I have told the USCCA
the same problems. While walking every day I
Use the Situational Awareness training and those Famous Color Codes: white, yellow, orange, red we have. We must stay responsible and be your best. Our
Firearms are the last thing to ever use.

There aren’t any fair fights, I agree.

At last, something funny. I was taking my daily
walk and this man walking at fast pace, at 6’2”, and staring into a cell phone in the straight line at me,
I stopped walking and waited for impact, head on.
People do not pay attention or care. Got to have some fun! He stop!