Social Media Purge

Facebook and Instagram have been on a rampage deleting any accounts and groups that have been spreading “boogaloo” memes. One of the victims of this purge is Fenix Ammo of Novi Michigan.

Anyone know of any other companies that have had their social media presence destroyed over this? It’s up to we the consumers to keep them afloat now. List them here if you do, lets keep them going!


I say it’s long past time we take a page from the Cancel Culture/Virtue Signallers and we start boycotting the products that they support.

No Wal-Mart
No Dick’s Sporting Goods
Etc and so on.


The violation of the Freedoms of one is the violation of the Freedoms of us all.

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”
~William Pitt The Younger


Amazon gave $10M to BLM. I’m done with them.


Since when did shopping become so political? What happens when we have to boycott gasoline, (Tesla dream come true), and how will Hollywood possibly survive? (I won’t be mourning at their funeral).
We don’t seem to have the power to impact these corporations. If we did, MSM, Starbucks, Dicks, etc would already be out of business.
I say we start building gun malls for all things Second Amendment and gun lovers. Screw Starbucks! Franchise, Buck Shots coffee house, Howdy Holsters bar and grill, Glock’s Secret, Bed Bath Benelli and bullets, Magpul outlet store, AR-15 Salons (paint-’em, dress-’em and shoot-’em), Hide-’em and Stage-’em furniture stores, Hornady Prime, Old Navy, Army and Marines tactical fashion stores, Silencers “R” Us, Yankee Candle and Black powder (powder sold separately), billboards for bullets.
Maybe it’s time to stick this in their face, we are being boycotted, purged and disrespected anyway. Take over Amazon with new image of an AR-15 w/ new logo, “we deliver automatically”! UPS trucks with Barrett .50 cal, saying “we go the distance”. Maybe it is time for a purge!
Can’t wait to see Pelosi’s face when she passes a Baskin Robins more then 31 calibers to choose from!
Really who needs AutoZones when we can have Brownells Zones where you can FREELY walk in and out with your favorite trigger assembly, barrel assembly, or anything we damn want without hiding the purchase in a black bag.
They want to purge, let’s purge!


It would seem most consumers are co-dependent and lack the intestinal fortitude to simply walk away. If given the option…local Mom & Pop’s get my $$.


LOL, I would love to stop for a beer and holster.


I use amazon and always start with so that a little % of my shopping gets sent to Gun Owners Foundation. Last update states it “recently received a quarterly donation of $10,760.34.”
Every penny helps.

I have FB bit it’s the same people saying the same crap. I just like a good meme or a reputable source that posts something I didn’t know. Besides that it’s just a bore

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I agree. Pro mom and pop! Love your profile pic!


@Aaron25 @BeanCounter

So is this an accounting error or embezzlement? Amazon should support it’s shoppers, period. FedEx should worry about on time deliveries not Team names! Just sayin!

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I stopped, too. It takes a little more time to find things that I’m looking for and even more now that I’m researching where things are made (to ensure they are made ethically), but it feels good not giving money to someone who owns the Washington Post, which refers to murderers as “Austere Religious Scholars.”

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This is the best response on a forum I have ever read. Love it!!

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Do I have this right? Out of all options, GOF is getting 10%? That would be great.


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